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Comedian Brad Williams Raises Over $30,000 to Send Bullied 9-Year-Old to Disneyland

Comedian Brad Williams Raises Over $30,000 to Send Bullied 9-Year-Old to Disneyland A distressing video of a nine-year-old crying and s...

Comedian Brad Williams Raises Over $30,000 to Send Bullied 9-Year-Old to Disneyland

A distressing video of a nine-year-old crying and saying that he wants to die has gone viral. Quaden, 9, was born with Achondroplasia, a form of Dwarfism. His mother, Yarraka Bayles, decided to share the video online to raise awareness about the effects of bullying.

The video, which has so far received over 10 million views, attracted thousands of positive comments. Others have set out to do something kind for the young boy, as well as others suffering from bullying.

Comedian Brad Williams, who also has Dwarfism, saw the story, and it hit too close to home. So he decided to do something beautiful by trying to raise $10,000 to help send Quaden and his mother from Australia to Disneyland in California.

"I’m setting up this GoFundMe to let Quaden know that bullying will not be tolerated, and that he is a wonderful human being who deserves joy. I want to fly Quaden and his mother to America, get them a nice hotel, and bring them to Disneyland," he writes in a GoFundMe campaign.

He goes on to add: "This isn’t just for Quaden, this is for anyone who has been bullied in their lives and told they weren’t good enough. Let’s show Quaden and others, that there is good in the world and they are worthy of it."

Williams explained that he is in touch with Quaden's mother and that any money left over after the trip is paid for will be donated to anti-bullying charities.

Not even a day after setting up the campaign, it has blown away its goal of $10,000 and raised over $30,000 as of the time of writing.

"Aside from a few bullies who are bullying me for taking a stand against bullies, this fundraiser is unreal," Williams wrote on Twitter. "So amazing to see all sorts of people come together. Quaden is going to have the time of his life! And it’s all thanks to you!"

Twitter commenters were blown away by the success of the campaign. "If God created one person to help this kid, it's certainly you Brad," one user wrote. "You have a big heart and I am confident you can help raise this kids self esteem."

While another added: "You are amazing for doing this for him and others that are bullied. I hope things improve for him. There is far too much hate and ignorance in this world."

Quaden has also earned the support of other celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, who posted a video to Quaden on Twitter.

Since the video was posted, Quaden has also met fellow Indigenous Australian Latrell Mitchell, a National Rugby League All-Star.

New Zealand-Samoan actress Teuila Blakelyshared a photo of the moment on Instagram, writing:

"Well done to the Indigenous NRL All Stars Team for standing up to bullying and giving such a special honour to a very special young Indigenous son Quaden Bayles - Y’all know how I feel about bullying of any kind, people big or small, who are unkind can straight get in the rubbish where they belong. Life is for the loving."

Quaden also received a video from the entire Indigenous All-Stars team. “Hey Quaden, how you going cuz?” Mitchell began.

“Just want to wish you all the best brother. We know you’re going through a hard time right now but the boys are here, we’ve got your back. We’re here to support you, bud.

“We just want to make sure you’re doing alright and make sure that your mum’s on your side, we’re on your side.

“Just make sure you’re thinking the right things, bud, because we want you around - we want you to lead us out on the weekend.

“It’s going to mean more to us than it will to you, bud. Just make sure you’re looking after us and hopefully, we’ll get to see you in the next couple of days.”

The video ended with the entire team giving Quaden a round of applause.


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