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Nigeria Is Like Afghanistan, A Country Haunted By The Blood Of Innocents, It Can’t Make Progress

Nigeria Is Like Afghanistan, A Country Haunted By The Blood Of Innocents, It Can’t Make Progress By Fredrick Nwabufo The life of a cat i...

Nigeria Is Like Afghanistan, A Country Haunted By The Blood Of Innocents, It Can’t Make Progress

By Fredrick Nwabufo

The life of a cat in Europe is much more valuable and protected than the life of a Nigerian living in Nigeria.  In fact, there is a European convention for the protection of pet animals. Article 3 of this convention states: “Nobody shall cause a pet animal unnecessary pain, suffering or distress. Nobody shall abandon a pet animal.”

Really, there is something revolting about a people with an abbreviated capacity for shock and action against government’s inertia. Since January there have been daily episodes of slaughter in Zamfara state. Even at the weekend, dozens of people were reported killed in the state. But sadly, there is no security plan to stop these unhinged killings.
Fredrick Nwabufo

A few months ago, more than 100 Nigerian soldiers were savagely massacred by Islamic State in West Africa. Some of these soldiers had young families. I recall one soldier who was said to be two-week-old in matrimony and another with a pregnant wife. Not a single officer in the leadership of the military took a fall or responsibility for this painful and embarrassing loss.

Currently, there is a propaganda video by Boko Haram showing its execution of Nigerian soldiers in circulation. This anomaly will continue because there is no consequence for incompetence here. And where there is no sanction for unmitigated incompetence, failure is normalised.

Last week, the president of Chad sacked the country’s military chief for the killing of 23 soldiers by Boko Haram. This is a country with far less fortune and capacity than Nigeria. But the difference is leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

As a matter of fact, one thing that makes leaving Nigeria attractive is the unceasing executions – avoidable, careless, and ruthless deaths. The killing of Kolade Johnson in the unlikeliest of places is one of them. Citizens are killed daily and harassed by people who are paid to protect them. And the gnawing fact is that there is no penalty for these acts of moral turpitude.

Some weeks ago, the video of a customs officer shooting a man who allegedly refused to give him a bribe rippled on social media. Without a detailed investigation, the customs within the hour issued a statement defending and rationalising the killing. To date, nothing has come out of this case.

And the beat goes on until another citizen is cut down by the scythe of blood-hounding security agents.

Thinking spiritually, countries, where innocent blood flow freely in the streets cannot make progress with the wraiths hanging around them until the killings stop and justice done to the lost souls. A good example is Afghanistan.

It is really troubling. Death hovers everywhere. If you are not killed by those, who are supposed to protect you, you may be felled by the bullets of armed robbers, kidnappers, bandits or terrorists.

As it is now, there is a total collapse of security. And there is no plan, vision or remedy to this malaise. Depressingly, the government is insouciant and unresponsive.

Why is the security architecture still the same despite all these lapses? Why keep a team that is failing in its primary responsibility?

I know a security officer who is relocating his family to Lagos from the FCT. He says it will not be long before the insecurity in the north-west engulfs Abuja.  And it is already happening with kidnappings here and there in the city.

I think, it is patriotic loving Nigeria, but it is wisdom to love it from abroad. Only the living can show patriotism.

Fredrick is a media personality.


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