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Open Letter To Biafrans Globally

Open Letter To Biafrans Globally Dear fellow compatriots, Greetings! I very sincerely congratulate you all for your varied and invalua...

Open Letter To Biafrans Globally

Dear fellow compatriots,

Greetings! I very sincerely congratulate you all for your varied and invaluable contributions and victories so far recorded in our pursuit for an independent nationhood.

However, more yet needed to be done both collectively and individually towards the realization of a conducive and progressive environment for our habitation. It is necessary that we restructure our mindset for the birth of the new nation of Biafra. We henceforth, have to kick-start practising civility in all our activities and as well, inculcate behavioral healthiness as citizens of a civilised nation like what obtains in the United States of America, Spain, Germany, etcetera.

Those salient qualities we must imbibe and live out include:

1) Having the overriding interest of our nation at heart.

2) We must stand up for the rights of our fellow citizens.

3) We must take responsibility of all our actions whatever be the outcome.

4) We must inculcate civilised/right manner of approach towards our fellow citizens.

5) We must strive at all times, to avoid confrontational reactions during supposed friendly conversations.

6) We must do away with the evil and retrogressive mindset of god-fatherism even when the law disfavors us.

7) Good opinions must always be welcomed and appreciated despite the office occupied.

Dear fellow compatriots, the sterling qualities always being exhibited even at odd/difficult times by our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, are enough tutorials that should be inculcated, nurtured and lived out in an organized society. That is what makes life beautiful, enjoyable and rewarding. This type of disposition is what we truly need in the Biafran nation. The Nigerian contraption we are forced to habit totally lacks these qualities and so, Biafrans have so much imbibed these harmful and unfruitful ways of life. The entire environment is polluted with political instability/insanity, perversion of justice, hydra-corruption, terrorism/relentless killings, unemployment, propaganda, hatred, oppression and deception. The Nigerian government has become an institution that grooms imbecility and cowardice. This of course, must not be allowed in the Biafran nation.

We all have to rid ourselves of such retrogressive mindsets as we get set to match into our dear fatherland. We cannot afford to do otherwise. Let us stay blessed and strong brethren!


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