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Terrorists are supported and protesters arrested: I can’t stay here any longer, letter to Charlyboy

Terrorists are supported and protesters are arrested: I can’t stay here any longer, letter to Charlyboy Dear AreaFada, Because of you, I...

Terrorists are supported and protesters are arrested: I can’t stay here any longer, letter to Charlyboy

Dear AreaFada,

Because of you, I have as a progressive youth held on tight to my dreams, stayed focus and bluntly refused to join my contemporary in their mind set of any which way possible. I am at the crossroad of my life and I really want out, from this Hell hole country. There seem to be no future here for the youths.

Fada I know that one day, I'll no longer be using a Nigerian passport. An emblem of shame and disrespect when sighted by most immigration officials across borders, scorned even within Africa. If I could cease to be a Nigerian this minute, I will. I'll burn that paper someday-- My long term cogitation.

In fact, I think Nigeria ought to start taking steps towards a referendum. The ingrained variables points to no index that the Nigerian state isn't a scam. The sovereignty of Nigeria is negotiable.

Of the four elements that defines a failed state, there's a stench of three.
Human lives must matter!!! The shepherd who left 99 sheep to look for the lost one communicated to humanity the importance of every single individual. These Nigerian leaders communicate to us we're just a statistic.
No humane, right thinking person will find congenial the demonic impunity of a certain section of the country who believe the country is theirs by divine right and act with brazen intimidation. I can NEVER be proud of a nation where an internationally acclaimed terrorist group like Fulani herdsmen can be aided and abetted by the government.

While I'm still psychologically troubled by the video showing the killing of Ropvil Daciya, a university of Maiduguri undergrad by boko haram and the beheading of Adamawa CAN chairman, my eardrums are hurting from the loud silence of Mr President and other security agencies on the systematic killings and persecution of people of other Faith's especially Christians in the North.
I don't know how 'Boko haram army' will fight boko haram rag tag soldiers and win to deliver victory to Nigeria. Nonsense at it's peak!!!

Fada, if Nigeria isn't a terrorist state, why would certain tribes kill others at the slightest excitement and get away with it? When the ones at the receiving end act in self-defense, they find themselves at the wrong side of the law; law enforcement agents who failed to protect them in the first place. A nauseating Pavlovian conduct. Terrorists are supported and protesters are arrested. This is not a country!!!.

This is the most scam oriented country I've ever known showing me again what I've always seen---They have no plan for my future. For example, Nigeria's revenue has increased from what it used to be during Ex-President GEJ's administration, yet more money is being borrowed. Servicing Nigeria's debts according to Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo amounts to a figure 60% of our annual budget.
The international Finance cooperation , an arm of world bank recently delisted Nigeria from Top 5 countries positioned to attract private investments in emerging markets owing to failure to utilise her human capital and other resources. This is a country that has wasted the potentials of loads of it's citizens.

They didn't stop at Prof. Wole Soyinka's generation, they extended it to mine and are geared to extend the waste beyond. For many years, it's the same soporific environment:- harsh and hostile business climate, lack of power, poor road network, absence of viable alternative for transportation. They want me to commit suicide. Yet they telling the world Nigeria is prospering, fooling themselves.

Fada I know all that you have done over the past 3decades is to encourage young people to be their authentic self and to defend their future, even with their blood. However, at the risk of not being labeled a quitter I want out of a country that doesn't even have a vision. Where there is no vision, the people perish. There's no such thing as 'The Nigerian dream'. Nigeria has never had a clear cut vision where it is going politically, economically, socially, financially. At 59, it isn't a humongous concept for the country to at least redefine our fundamentals while setting empirical targets with timelines for the future.

Like yesterday, I remember vision 2020 , I could tell more than 10 years ago it would be a disastrous failure cos failing to act is acting to fail. For Nigeria to be one of the 20 largest economies in the world, able to consolidate it's leadership role in Africa and establish itself as a significant player in the global economic and political arena requires some strong elements from home.

1. Credible leadership at the home front( not the kind of leadership that emerges largely through poll manipulations).

2.The rule of Law(Not the blatant disregard for court orders common in this space.

3.Free trade( Not the political suppression and acting with intent to frustrate businessmen of southeast extraction and giving government leverages to those from the North.

4.Unfettered access to information.
There couldn't have been any magic to it.

A country where a myopic clique rejected sagacious advice to restructure Nigeria into a confederacy state, messed up the polity with a luciferic imbalance prompting rising resentments for decades. Now some of them blame the younger generation like they had nothing to do with it.

I wish it were all a dream that in 2020 Nigeria,there exists a scandalous situation I call tribal Machiavelli. This ought to be unheard of 20 years into the new millennium.

Top 4 crude oil States:-
Akwa Ibom-504,000BPD:- 32%.

Delta-345,000 BPD :- 22%.

Rivers- 344,000 BPD:- approximately 22%.

Bayelsa-290,00 BPD-18%.

Appointments into oil industry positions.

North- 11.
South south-2
South west-3.
South east-0

Yet no oil wells in the north. I've heard similar tales since when was less than 10 years old and those orchestrating this won't want to let go.

I believe a referendum is the best way to go for this country so it's citizens can decide her future.

It's a hellhole of a place, even the blind can see it.

FaDa I can’t stay here any longer, what do you advice that I do.

Your son and student,
Ike Nwagwu.

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