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The New Repositioning That Will Free The Southerners

The New Repositioning That Will Free The Southerners Source By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi For Family Writers Press International. Som...

The New Repositioning That Will Free The Southerners

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Something is happening to Nigeria. Even the blind finds it difficult not to see. It has been proven that South West leaders are not cowards after all. The South Eastern leaders are the real cowards.

News broke recently that Yoruba Leaders have established a regional security outfit. The name is 'Amotekun', the Leopard! The safety of their people are paramount to them. The Fulani oligarchy fought them and they fought back. They were threatened both by the Federal government and Fulani herdsmen, yet they didn't give up.

Instead of South East Governors to think same and do same for the safety of their own people, they are writing to the Fulani controlled Federal government to be given a permission to protect their own people. Who does that if not cowards. It is natural for humans to defend themselves. But the humans called South East governors are asking to be allowed to protect their people. One of the South East governors even suggested that every Fulani herdsmen terrorist who kills one Igbo man will pay five hundred thousand naira. It is money for them. That's their priority.

Like I wrote earlier, something is happening.

The fear of disobeying the Fulani oligarchy had made the two southern regions turn against each other. These two southern regions continue to swap between the loved slave and the hated slave for the enjoyment of the Fulani. It is the Yoruba that keeps on being on the good side of the Fulani. Together, both the Fulani and Yoruba worked towards the removal of a southern President in 2015.
But today, something different is truly happening. The Yoruba leaders are bravely securing their people and their lands from Fulani marauders. The banning of Okada and Tricycle operators in Lagos is not just a coincidence. It is a move to sanitize Lagos and make it free from jihadists. Within a short time, all the jihadist deplored into Lagos in disguise of Okada and Keke drivers will be thrown out. The move will send thousands of jihadists packing. That is how hard the Yoruba leaders in conjunction with their cultural groups are fighting back. It may affect Innocent people for the meantime, but it is for a greater good.

It would have been difficult for the Yoruba to stand in support of everyone's sovereignty that was stolen in 1914. That's because of the fear that the Fulani will clamp down on them. The Igbo leaders would have simply embraced the Fulani should they dump the Yoruba for them. It is about being on the good book of the Fulani for them. But unfortunately, Igbo leaders have lost the leverage they have on the people.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu became their worst enemy and diminished them totally. He became the gadfly that stung the people into awareness. Continuously, he continues speaking on the radio, even when ignorant people kept calling him idiot, fool and a rabble rouser. He didn't give up. He continues shouting in great love for the people.
In 2015, when the jihadists in APC were campaigning on how they will change Nigeria, make dollar equivalent to naira and defeat Boko Haram; Nnamdi Kanu kept telling the people these lines in what appears to be prophetic.

On February 6, 2014, Nnamdi Kanu said:

“As they campaign vigorously for elections, you would think, they are coming to grow the economy, enthrone justice, breed unity and tolerance, love for one another. No, they are coming to enthrone Hausa Fulani supremacy, to reposition the security agencies by sacking all competent hands and replace them with their kinsmen in order to drive their ethnic domination of the south, the Fulani herdsmen will be armed and encouraged to slaughter us with impurity and their masters will protect them. They are coming to ensure that my people are enslaved forever. Those who do not believe me will soon see it happen before their eyes”

Yet again on October 12, 2014, he said:

“The Fulani will take over the entire south as a continuation of their age old agenda to Islamize Eastern Nigeria. They will brazenly seize our land in pretence of creating crazing fields for the Fulani. Then the conquest will be complete, we will become their slaves forever”

Today, everyone has seen the truth, thanks to Nnamdi Kanu. But unfortunately, these truths have depleted the powers of the South East political elites. The Fulani can't trust to work with them again, because with Nnamdi Kanu, they have lost the people to their side. IPOB leader opened the eyes of the people and the people now know their true leaders. They have lost interest in politics of corruption and urgently want a change that comes with freedom.

The Yoruba leaders understand these facts. Their actions recently show that they know too well that once again, Biafrans, just like in 1967 have gotten another leader to reckon with. Hence the entire Yoruba have no option than to salvage themselves. Unlike in 1967, the Fulani are now moving so recklessly in their bid to forcefully Islamize Nigeria. It is never again easy for the Yoruba to embrace the Fulani, because even the Fulani is not ready to spare them. Anyone that forms alliance with the Fulani at this moment will live to regret it forever. Their lands will be taken after they must have been wiped out, or forcefully converted to Islam.

There is every need for every region in Nigeria to protect their own land. The Visa-ban America placed on Nigeria has shown that everything is completely wrong with Nigeria. The Fulani have continued to play politics with terrorism in Nigeria. It is certain that terrorism in Nigeria is a thing of the North. Something the global world don't know about. There are multiple dangerous Islamists working for the Islamization of the entire Nigeria. Every region now want to distance themselves from the evil stigma called Nigeria. Yoruba leaders have already started the distancing themselves from Nigeria. They are seriously sanitizing the entire Southwest.

What is South East leaders doing in this regard?
The good thing is that Biafrans are repositioning for new leadership. Every politician and aspiring politician will never believe it. But Biafra is coming, and when she finally comes, all will witness a new erra of great and selfless leadership.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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