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Africa: The Accursed Nigeria And The Entrapped People Of Biafra

The Accursed Nigeria And The Entrapped People Of Biafra Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi For Family Writers Press International. W...

The Accursed Nigeria And The Entrapped People Of Biafra

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

When I tell tales of the hopelessness of the country called Nigeria, I am not doing so in order to be pitied by any outsider reading me. I am writing for the world to understand that amongst the people trapped in Nigeria, are Biafrans who are struggling to detach themselves from the cursed Nigeria.

Whoever carries Nigeria passport is ridiculed everywhere around the world. The unfair treatment and racism meted on blacks across the globe, is as a result of Nigeria and what it stands for.

Nigeria is a killing field where Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, Bandits, ISWAP and many other terrorists groups kill thousands of people simultaneously. Fulani herdsmen after wiping out a whole community appear on national television to claim responsibility. They are protected. The people that protect them shoot and kill peaceful protesters. More than 1000 unaramed IPOB family members have been gunned down by Nigeria military, and  hundreds of others held without charges in numerous Nigeria prisons.

Just few days ago, the supreme Court of Nigeria robbed the people of Imo state of their elected candidate, and forced another person on them. That is what Nigeria is all about.

In Nigeria, if you are not into crime, you are seen as a stupid person who have married poverty and vowed never to divorce it until death do you part. Everything about Nigeria encourages crime, corruption and bribery. Policemen and even military men on Nigeria roads are taking bribes openly with all impunity. School children while going and coming back from school see them take these bribes. It is now so traditional that only a foolish police officer won't be collecting bribes from motorists at the slightest opportunity. Nigeria police kill, frame, rape, butcher and sell human bodies. There is no atrocity they don't commit. And the worse is that no one is prosecuted ever after.

The politicians in Nigeria are the most corrupt in the whole world. No Nigeria politician is there to serve the people. The polity is structured in such a way that there is no sustenance without being corrupt. If you are not corrupt and doesn't surround yourself with deeply corrupt people, you can never last.

Even though these politicians are paid outrageous sum as salaries and allowances, they still steal and loot public funds in bulks, depositing them in foreign banks. Many years since Abacha ruled Nigeria, his loots are still being returned to Nigeria. Some myopic Nigerians thought only Abacha stole that much. They never knew that Abacha's loots were found and being returned simply because he died in power. Is it not obvious that other Nigeria head of states, governors and Army chiefs looted the country? Where are their loots?

Every move made to force Nigeria into becoming a progressive nation have failed. All moves for the country to restructure, jettison the abomination called 1999 constitution have failed too. A group of Fulani politicians have held the country down for decades. They wanted to forcefully Islamize Nigeria and hold everyone hostage. This is the reason Biafrans have decided to path a new way and form a progressive and organic nation.

When we say that Biafra will kill injustice and marginalization, some ignorant and mischievous individuals keep asking if it is not the same people that formed parts of Nigeria that will form Biafra. Will Biafra use magic to make things better?

What drives a nation is a sound law embedded in a people's constitution. A sound law will eschew injustice and marginalization. It will give power to the people and make politicians the true servants of the people. That's what Biafra tends to do. When a sound law is created and enforced; when a pervert or defaulter understands that the possibility of being caught and sent to jail is high no matter his or her status in the society, such a person will definitely think twice before committing a crime. This is the only magic Biafra tends to employ.

How can we achieve this?

IPOB has built  a collection of people who are sincerely ready to make a change. People that have refused to partake in the evils of Nigeria and her dubious politics. People who are driven only with the zeal to erect a civilized nation in Africa, by sacrificed and depriving themselves lots of things.

The truth is that Biafra will never happen if Nigeria remains as One!

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers Press International.


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