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Africa: "If Kanu was Ojukwu, the Biafran war wouldn’t have ended"

If Kanu was Ojukwu, the Biafran war wouldn’t have ended People do ask: ‘Who is this man?’, ‘Why should I trust him?’ Well, I myself have n...

If Kanu was Ojukwu, the Biafran war wouldn’t have ended

People do ask: ‘Who is this man?’, ‘Why should I trust him?’ Well, I myself have not seen him, but I have a shocking discovery I have made about him.

FOLLOW ME. I am not a psychologist, but my little venture into studying human behaviour has given me a divine skill, to look at people and to tell what and who they are. My pencil eyes have pierced into a man called Nnamdi Kanu and I have seen what he is.


Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader 
The best thing that has happened to Biafra is the advent of a new leadership under the caprices of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). But the phenomenon is not about IPOB as much as it is about the leader of IPOB.  Kanu’s leadership is not the best because he is an intelligent man or well travelled or brilliant or that he has the best ideas. His leadership is best simply because of one thing that people rarely take seriously:


If Biafra will come, it may not be so much because it’s people have suffered but maybe because of the people that lead it. After reading this, you will see why Kanu’s character is a game changer in the course of Biafran independence. First, my name is VIRAL... I have only one obligation in my life: BIAFRA.

WE GO!!!!

Nnamdi Kanu possesses the dreaded type of human blood the ancients referred to as the “Yellow Bile”. The blood is always active, alive and rejuvenated. This is why Nnamdi Kanu is above 50s but he still possesses the vibrancy of the youth. This blood makes him; quick, active, practical, and strong willed. He is self sufficient and very independent. These qualities should mark every freedom fighter. If Kanu is not independent he will simply be begging the politicians for support like Uwazurike. But unlike him, if Kanu needs your support, he doesn’t beg for it, he coerces it from you whether you like it or not.

This is the same reason politicians complain that Kanu doesn’t respect the elders. But don’t be deceived, they themselves don’t know what respect for elders means, they are only saying that Kanu doesn’t depend on them. I can authoritatively advice you thus; the day every politician begins to talk good about Kanu, abandon him for he is no longer the Kanu you know. On the other hand, be sure he cannot pledge dependence to anybody not because of anything but simply because his type of person will be embarrassed to do it.

To eliminate financial dependence, he built for himself a network of fund raising that the Nigerian govt couldn’t stop, to eliminate depending on Nigerian court to operate, he registered IPOB in the international level, to eliminate the dependence on Nigerian media, he developed Radio Biafra and TV, to eliminate dependence on politicians for lobby, he went to USA itself and EU building fierce diplomatic offensive.

These are few of them, if he has all these things, what will he gain from depending on petty Nigerian politicians? His person is not frightened by adversity; in fact it encourages him. This is the most scary aspect of Kanu that everybody finds difficult to believe. Kanu can fail hundred times but he will still rise up and match. That is why he will say ‘Biafra or Death’. Such is the case and he meant it. That people voted in Anambra election against his instruction doesn’t bulge him that people could have disobeyed in his election boycott couldn’t have stopped him. The Nigerian Conspiracy against Biafra won't stop him as much as the international Conspiracy didn't.


This is one of the reasons Biafra will endure under his grasps. Not because he has the best ideas but because what makes others to stop only pushes him to strike further. If Kanu was Ojukwu, the Biafran war wouldn’t have ended. If the stakes are not so high, we may still be fighting the war till today.  HE DOESN’T GIVE UP AT ALL.

People may have wondered whether Nnamdi Kanu went to a special school to learn how to fight for Biafran Indepence but the truth is that he went to no schools, he was simply born that way. He is a born leader. He knows how to strategise and build long term plans. He doesn’t care so much about your opinion because he has an unimaginable trust in his plan that he rarely sees any pitfall. People may be asking whether he knew the consequences of the boycott of Anambra election, or the presidential election. I laugh at them because here, he pretends he doesn’t know but he was aware that the end result will be anarchy. That is only what Nigeria needs to burst.

He has little flare for emotions. He is not emotional even though he may claim to have it. The truth is that he is disgusted or embarrassed by people’s compassion. When his parents died, he never conceded to self pity. I watched and had pity on those who think that crying for his departed parents will solve any emotional problem for him, the fact is that he is unmoved by sympathy. For those who confess their love for him on social media, he rarely understands them, what he understands as love is doing that it takes to get Biafra and not the emotional magic of people.

An advice for people who think that they have worked hard enough for Biafra that Kanu should be obliged to part them at the back. He is not the type that is easily impressed. You can do a lot but for him you have not started. You can only do a lot when Biafra stands accomplished. I, as a student of psychology recommend Kanu 100% to lead the course of Biafra not because he is prudent, I rarely can predicate prudence to him. Not because he is just smart, smartness is not the only quality I look up to find in leaders of his ilk. Not because he has the best plans, there are people with better plans. Not because he is arrogant, arrogance sometimes can be costly. But because he is NNAMDI KANU.


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