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Nigeria: Lagos explosion, targeted at Igbos homes, businesses, IPOB alleges

Nigeria: Lagos explosion, targeted at Igbos homes, businesses, IPOB alleges Lagos explosion, targeted at Igbos homes, businesses, IPOB a...

Nigeria: Lagos explosion, targeted at Igbos homes, businesses, IPOB alleges

Lagos explosion, targeted at Igbos homes, businesses, IPOB alleges

The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has stated the explosion in Lagos on Sunday was orchestrated to wipe away Igbo homes and businesses in Abule Ado in Lagos State.

The pro-Biafra group, in a statement signed by its spokesman, Comrade Emma Powerful, also alleged of an attempt to attack 14, 000 churches in the southeast by the same people that attacked Abule Ado in Lagos State.

IPOB, while calling on the international community to hold the Nigerian government responsible for what they described as “genocide” going on in Christian communities across the country, accused the Southeast governors of failing to protect its citizens.

According to IPOB, the group maybe forced to defend themselves in order to keep the Southeast safe for inhabitation.

“The bomb explosion in Lagos was clearly targeted at Igbo homes and businesses. Our race is sleepwalking into a disaster worse than any seen before by an endangered people.

“Intelligence gathering by IPOB has revealed that about 14,000 churches have already been earmarked for bombing by the terrorists who have been deployed to the zone.

“Most of the terrorists are already living among the people in the various communities and cities in South East where some of them operate now as tricycle (KEKE) riders, commercial motorcycle operators and shoemakers.

“They wander around our villages and streets as innocent people but they have wicked intents and are only waiting for order to unleash mayhem.

“A few days ago some of these bloodsuckers were observed in Umuahia identifying some churches to bomb on the set date.

“Further intelligence report by IPOB intelligence crack team revealed that the terrorists have concluded plans to blow up the marked churches simultaneously on the set date once they receive the final order from their sponsors. This, they intend to carry out before March 30.

“There is already so much evidence confirming this wicked plot. Just last week a soldier in mufti was seen at Orie Ugba, Umuahia narrating how he narrowly escaped execution for refusing to ally with a secret plot to unleash mayhem on Biafrans. A similar event was also reported at Okigwe last month.

“It has also been discovered that many Fulani terrorists have infiltrated KEKE and Okada operators in most cities and villages with the evil objective of familiarising themselves with our terrains.

“We want to sound the alert to our people that Ndigbo and indeed the entire Biafra land have been surrounded by Fulani terrorists.

“They have already taken over our forests and farmlands marauding as herdsmen. Some of their foot soldiers now live among us posing as shoe shiners, hawkers, laborers, and gatemen.

It is very unfortunate that our Governors and selfish political jobbers are not concerned about this disturbing trend. They are joking with the security of their people. They connived with Abuja to betray IPOB.

“They have refused to form a regional security outfit unlike their counterparts in the South West. So, our people should not trust or depend on our so-called Fulani enthroned leaders any more for their security.

“We, therefore, call on all church leaders in the South East/South-South indeed our people to brace up for the worst. Everybody should get ready to defend oneself.

“This is time to unite as Ndigbo and push back the invaders. Our people should also stop boarding KEKE or Okada being operated by strangers.

“We also call the international community to hold the Nigerian Government for the genocide going on in Christian communities across the country.

“They have refused to protect innocent people but allowed Fulani herdsmen and terrorists to move about with weapons of warfare including AK47.

“Our message to the terrorists and their sponsors is that they will be shocked in across the entire East (including the lugubrious names South-South). IPOB is ready for them!” the statement concluded


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