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Africa: The Recklessness Of Nigeria Politicians And The People's Uprising

The Recklessness Of Nigeria Politicians And The People's Uprising By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi For Family Writers Press Internationa...

The Recklessness Of Nigeria Politicians And The People's Uprising

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Prior to 1966, everything was going normal for the politicians, whom Britain handed over their former colony called Nigeria to. Those early politicians have been their normal selves. The looting was generously done and government workers were happily swimming in dirty corruption. Over there in Tiv and Yoruba lands, the military were shooting and killing protesters. Uprising in Tiv to quell Fulani takeover of their ancestral lands, and the Yoruba resisting what they termed a Fulani control of their internal politics using Chief Samuel Akintola, the Premier of Western Nigeria and his cronies.

Supporters of the corrupt politicians never believed anything was happening. Had it been 1966 were to be this modern day of social media, believe me, many of the supporters of the prime minister, the governors and ministers would have been on social media playing God, doing like the people can't do anything, just because the corrupt politicians pay them peanuts.

On 15th of January, 1966, Nzeogwu and his colleagues struck. The politicians who have been playing gods all were scampering for survival. Some were begging for their lives, while some hid under the bed. The merciless military killed them and took power. What they thought won't happen, happened. And their rascality put to an abrupt end.

"Nzeogwu explained that the aim of his revolution was to get rid of the corrupt and incorrigible politicians and have them replaced with true nationalists." (confer Alexander A. Madiebo's "The Nigeria Revolution and the Biafra War".)

When I read from those that support Nigeria politicians both in APC and PDP, I feel sorry for their ignorance of the reality on ground and their blindness to what tomorrow holds. We have politicians who loot and rape their people, believing that with money the people will remain in check.

I saw pictures of Rochas Okorocha with his lorries of foodstuffs for his constituency during this Covid-19 pandemic. I saw a man who for 8 years raped and looted his own people being celebrated by the same people he totally impoverished.
Still in Imo state, I saw the Supreme Court of Nigeria take power from the people and give it to the same criminals who for 8 years held Imo people hostage. The people was once again were humiliated and insulted as their mandate was taken away and given to someone that came a distant fourth during the election.

I am a witness to the pride and arrogance of the supporters of these politicians. They did tell you that you can only rant and will do nothing.

When I sit down to think and meditate, right into my subconscious state, I see the politicians and their supporters saying same in 1966. Telling the people they can do nothing, until the military struck.

I can say without mincing word that the politicians of today have done worse than the politicians of 1966. They are full of themselves, but I have bad news for them. They shall all receive the surprise of 1966. Just like the military surprised the politicians of 1966, so will the people surprise today's leaders. Playing on religious and tribal sentiment will not save them this time around. Neither will their loots save them. It will be the people in their own regions that will go against them. They will look around and see only their kits and kin beating hell out of them.

We are all heading to the slaughter and it is going to be a blood bath. Unfortunately, nothing will stop it.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers Press International.

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