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Covid-19: The Radical Revolutionist

Covid-19: The Radical Revolutionist Before now, there was tension all around the world and it was as if world war 3 is around the corner...

Covid-19: The Radical Revolutionist

Before now, there was tension all around the world and it was as if world war 3 is around the corner. From South to East, there was problem, from North to West, there was crisis. It was as if God has allowed the evil ones to take over the world. North Koreans were preparing a war with United States, Iranians were preparing retaliation war with same US. Palestinians were busy battling it out with Israel, while Israel never breathed with the troubles in Gaza.

 It was as if the evil men of the world have seen an opportunity to dictate to the believers. Some of the western countries have started seeing President Donald Trump as the problem of the world, all the Muslim countries see PM Benjamin Netayahu and Israel as the problems of the Muslim world, some Nigerians see IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as the only torn on the flesh of Africa most especially Nigeria. In US, it was as if, if Donald Trump is not impeached the world would not be again. In the Muslim world, it was as if, if Solomon’s temple is not given to them, the whole world will collapse. In Nigeria, it was as if, if Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not killed and IPOB decimated, Nigeria will not be again but to no avail, none of this people were the problems of the world.

God being the game changer, the only being that can write straight on a crook line, the Mighty Man in battle who knows the best for His people, the only God who watches when others are asleep, who promised never to fail his faithful. According to the Holy Book, “He has made no one powerful enough to proclaim His works, who then can reveal His marvelous deeds, who can calculate His majestic strength and wholly relate His great goodness? Nothing can be added to them or taken away from them; no one can comprehend the wonders of the LORD.

When man thinks he has finished, then He only begins and when He stops, man is puzzled by it all." The Ten plagues as recorded in the bible are the adversities God sent to the Egyptians when Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free. The plagues which are recorded in the book of Exodus are a manifestation of God’s power over not only Pharaoh, but also over the gods of Egypt. Ten times God through Moses, allowed Pharaoh to change his mind, be remorseful and turn to the one true God, each time increasing the harshness of the consequence of the plagues suffered for defiance to his request. Ten times, Pharaoh because of pride and arrogance refused to be taught by the Lord and received "judgments" through the plagues it manifested upon his head from Moses the deliverer. In many ways God has warned us but we refused to hear His voice.

The burning question demanding an answer is, when are these so-called leaders and rebellious dictators, members of ruling class dripping in the blood of millions ever going to be held accountable for the vast human suffering they have and continue to sow across the world? Coronavirus, just like the plagues God sent to Egyptians; came at a point the world and some world leaders thought they were strong enough to change the plans of God, when the world was heading into damnation, at the point when some heart-hardened men were planning to come against the sons and daughters of the Most High.

At some point in life revolution is needed to be taught and corrected. Covid-19 if you ask me, came to teach us the lesson of our life, to soften the heart of the wicked, to let us know that we are created; we are never the creator, to draw us back to our right senses and bring us back to our Creator. Coronavirus came at the time our rich political leaders have started seeing themselves as the Alpha and Omega, as demigods. They thought of themselves as the owners of the world, seeing the citizenry as slaves they can kill at will. It came to teach them a great lesson, to let them know the importance of good governance.

Before now, these political vampires especially Nigerian politicians rival one another in displaying their stolen goods, in the idolatrous images of high-rising condominiums, business ventures, and fleets of ostentatious cars, corpulent bank accounts, flamboyant lifestyles and other excessive ways of life. Covid-19 came to teach the political elites a lesson of their lives, to let them know that it's better to equip hospitals with modern and original drugs.

And still they travel abroad for medication, investing in Swiss Banks, some have started confessing they never knew how dilapilated our hospitals are until the emergence of Covid-19. But one thing these men of dishonor who prefer displaying their ignorance forget is that absolute power does not only corrupt absolutely, it also destroys awfully. And forgot to remember that political power is for the service of the people governed, but when it is inversely used to fleece the masses and destroy the life-supporting structures it will not only affect the masses it will also ultimately consume those who exercise it.

Nigerian rulers were obviously turning the power of governance into a license to financial and administrative recklessness cum immunity from probe. But Covid-19 is the biggest radical revolutionist that came to teach and educate both the poor and rich some hard lessons. And that has beome the only way out of the mess.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere N.

Edited by Domendu Emilia
For Family Writers Press International

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