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Covid-19: True Revelation Of The Hypocrisy Of Nigerian Leaders

Covid-19: True Revelation Of The Hypocrisy Of Nigerian Leaders The recent stampede for monetary donations by some Nigerian money bags ai...

Covid-19: True Revelation Of The Hypocrisy Of Nigerian Leaders

The recent stampede for monetary donations by some Nigerian money bags aimed at curtailing/containing the spread of coronavirus  epidemic and the hoax of the Nigerian leadership are not only deceitful but shameful. The donations were not only made in bad fate but equally ill-timed. This gesture could be seen commendable but why wait until the covid-19 scourge before such donations to the tune of about seventy (70) billion naira while the citizens of Nigeria have been reeling in abject poverty and effects of Islamic terror attacks? Thousands have indeed been killed, many have been displaced from their ancestral homes while their means of livelihood, equally destroyed.

Nigerian politicians are bereft of compassion and genuine democratic ideals towards the people they claim to be representing. Their only concern is to scheme and rip off the citizenry of their very essense of existence. This forms part of the reasons why the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Biafrans of good conscience, are fanatically resolute about the the Biafra restoration question. This blessed nation remains the only hope of the down throdden roaming helplessly on the streets of Nigeria. Nigeria very shamelessly, has no pinch of interest of the citizens, going by the prevalent antecedents of the political/elistist class. Their interests revolve round their selfishness and nothing more.

These are individuals that have over the years, successfully sold their hearts to the evil one, regardless of the consequences. If the colossal sum of approximately N70billion was initially donated well before this coronavirus era, for the alleviation of poverty by the Nigerian business monguls and evenly distributed, great would have been their humanitarian gestures. It should be on record that part of this huge sum if not all as reportedly donated, will eventually end up in the pockets and private bank accounts of the political merchants amongst other clandestine motives, besides the advertised intent.

It is disheartening however to state here, that for the very first time, members of the Nigerian House of Representatives and the Senators in their own language, have voluntarily made donations of their two months salaries to fight the covid-19 pandemic. Can this really be said to have been done in good faith going by their characteristics? This to the overburdened/grossly impoverished, remains essentially inconsequential because though sounding somewhat commendable, will  eventually end up the "Nigerian way". That is why the country remains pitiably backward in every sense of progressive civilization and decency when compared to other  civilized societies and their leadership globally in this 21st century. These distrust form the basis why the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, remain irrevocably bent on driving the Biafra restoration mandate to it's logical conclusion. Nigeria is a contrapted laboratory of the British, founded on injustice, lies, deception, slavery and deprivation. Biafrans will continue to march resolutely forward, the huddles nonetheless, until this glorious mandate of self-determination is fully and completely realized. That is the only antidote that will finally bring to an end, these calamitous Nigerian experiments/experiences. God Almighty has so ordained it.

Written by Christopher Otu Ezeali

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International



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