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Covid-19: Let Us Work On Our Hospitals And Health Personnel

Covid-19: Let Us Work On Our Hospitals And Health Personnel Man's iniquitous and wicked nature was what led to God's destruction...

Covid-19: Let Us Work On Our Hospitals And Health Personnel

Man's iniquitous and wicked nature was what led to God's destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah which are good examples of what wickedness can offer. In the African continent, politicians seem far more wicked than even the devil, Sodom and Gomorrah. Devil has hidden his face on seeing these set of Africans. They care less on any problem that does not directly affect them or their families and that is why others are not seen as humans.

This wickedness has affected Africa and Nigerian hospitals heavily. So many African hospitals are in the state of comatose, decay, despoiled and beyond human apprehension. They are death traps for poor African citizens who have no money to travel abroad for medical attention. The best hospitals in Africa are those ones that are equipped with archaic, decayed structures/equipments and expired drugs. So many mortalities are recorded today in Africa and Nigeria due to the poor state of their hospitals.

Taking Nigerian hospitals as case scenerios, the so-called giant of Africa and even the federal government's hospitals, they remain the most disorderly hospitals in the world. They rank amongst the most corrupt, insensitive, inefficient places under the sun. They are the most expensive hospitals and yet value least for life. They are substandard, dirty, callous, noisy, dishonest and vulgar throughout the continent of Africa. In short, these hospitals are among the most unpleasant on earth. Only a masochist with an exuberant taste for self-violence will pick Nigeria hospitals for a treatment.

When these corrupt and inhumane politicians discover any small ailment or sign of it, they fly abroad for treatment, but when it is ordinary citizens, they care less and pay no attention to it. When their wives want to deliver, they fly abroad, but the poor are kept in unequipped hospitals to deliver theirs. This was why Bill Gate stated that “Nigeria is the worst place for women delivery”.

When a sign of any ailment is discovered, these political merchants travel abroad for treatment, but the poor citizens are left behind dying every day because of poor facilities in existing hospitals. Check the mortality rate of pregnant women in Nigeria every day and you will discover it is far higher than the mortality rate of Covid-19 in the entire African continent. It is not that African countries and even Nigeria do not have yearly budgets for efficient health care delivery but they do and even budget heavily on it, for the service of corrupt politicians.

They prefer embezzling the money, shamelessly gallivanting globally for treatment rather than investing in their countries for the benefit of the poor citizenry. If you ask me, I would say that Covid-19 came to teach us a lesson and to test the capability of our doctors and hospitals especially in Nigeria and Africa. This will make the administrators to be more proactive in the way things are done within black Africa particularly for the realization of our duties towards caring for each other.

Covid-19 really revealed these corrupt and devilish politicians. Just imagine what would have happened if this pandemic were only in Africa or Nigeria, these people would have all left to overseas leaving the poor citizens to die of the deadly disease. But now that it is spreading rapidly across the globe with an alarming indiscrimination without knowing whom the victims are and a tendency to pneumonic complications causing massive relative increases in mortality in every country, all in the world are busy finding solutions.

This should teach Nigerian politicians especially, a very big lesson which would make them invest heavily on hospitals and bring them up to standards they rush to abroad. It is time to equip existing hospitals in Nigeria with modern/sophisticated equipments and drugs. It is a time for us to look at the type of doctors we graduate in our universities and stop taking bribe to graduate students. Let us have functional hospitals and stop being wicked to the less privileged. Let those in authority adequately equip our hospitals and stop enriching the other countries and continents. Let us be more proactive in handling health issues even when it is affecting the mad-man on the street.

May God deliver us from Covid-19 epidemic, Amen.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere N.

Edited by Domendu Emilia
For Family Writers Press International


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