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International Conspiracy And The Reason Nigeria Must Be Peacefully Divided

International Conspiracy And The Reason Nigeria Must Be Peacefully Divided This piece doesn't aim to give credence to politics or ...

International Conspiracy And The Reason Nigeria Must Be Peacefully Divided

This piece doesn't aim to give credence to politics or politicians in Nigeria, but we must say this for us to understand what is going on. Africa is not cursed, rather Africa is under attack by colonial power-brokers in Europe, Asia and even America.

Prior to 2015, Europe and America had already seen the tremendous progress achieved by the administration of the then Nigeria president, Goodluck Jonathan, who assembled professionals and technocrats that  brought Nigeria on a moving track politically and economically. What did Britain led by David Cameron and America under Barack Obama do? They unleashed series of defamatory and sabotaging attacks on Jonathan. He must be dethroned, why should he bring out Nigeria to become a country that won't be needing constant aides and loans? It shouldn't happen. America and Europe needs a poor Africa that will depend on aides; not an Africa that will be politically strong and economically independent. Obama, Cameron and Archbishop of Canterbury all branded Jonathan corrupt and declared a former military dictator, Muhammadu Buhari as an incorruptible messiah that will lift Nigeria to eldorado. They certainly know that they are lying. They just brought up a man that will destroy whatever progress Jonathan made.

Today, it is happening. Nigeria that had its economy growing tremendously under Jonathan has been brought to her knees by the British and American governments choice of a Fulani man.

Why Did They Succeed?

Bringing together people with different culture, political and religious system made it possible for America and Britain to succeed in foisting a monumental disaster upon Nigerians. In Nigeria, an Hausa or Fulani man will always be happy to make Igbo or other Easterners to suffer. That is why the killing of over 3.5million Biafrans remains nothing to them. In fact, they still brag how they will repeat same genocide on Biafrans today. The Yoruba is ready to always play accomplice provided Ndị Igbo are at the receiving end. Britain and other world powers understand this, hence they use it to keep the people trapped in Nigeria and Africa under a poor and unprogressive state. To bring Jonathan down and destroy his legacy, they brought a stark illiterate Fulani and media lying Yoruba people and they sacked Jọnatan. Today, corruption has been elevated, Fulani Herdsmen terrorists and Boko-Haram are aided to kill Biafrans. Economy heartlessly destroyed.

Which Way Out?

The only way out is the cancellation of the amalgamation of 1914. The different people forcefully brought together to form Nigeria by Britain must be allowed to go and build their own nation, where they can unilaterally agree on one thing and pursue it without rancor. It has been a 60 years of internal war in Nigeria after independence; reason Nigeria has sold oil for decades without developing an inch.

I then advice Nigerians to embrace Referendum and allow Biafrans to go their separate way.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers Press International.


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