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Money Heist: Nnamdi Kanu And The Professor (A Comparison)

Money Heist: Nnamdi Kanu And The Professor (A Comparison) Is Nnamdi Kanu just a noise maker or a well calculated planner? Is he a lunati...

Money Heist: Nnamdi Kanu And The Professor (A Comparison)

Is Nnamdi Kanu just a noise maker or a well calculated planner? Is he a lunatic and a police dog that always bark without biting or a dangerous schemer with efficiently thorough skills? Well, he looks crazy with his mouth always blabbing whenever he is seated behind the microphone but that is not a proof that he is a piece of garbage. There is only one way to find out.

Those that have watched the film MONEY HEIST will simply be amazed at the intelligence and smartness of a character called PROFESSOR. His skills are simply amazing, his moves are well calculated, tactical and cuts with the highest precision, he had a way to navigate through every problem though at first he may appear so foolish like a lunatic.

I have often heard some people arguing that Kanu is just but a noise maker and a rabble rouser but facts have always disagreed with them. Fact-check: Kanu talks a lot but that never made him any loose, professor contrarily was not. He was calm, patient and calculating. However, these contrasting qualities don’t make great differences as neither calmness nor hotness rubs a water of its principal qualities, it only depends on the results you want. Cold makes it to freeze while hot makes it to evaporate. Until now, Kanu’s strategy has always been to evaporate Nigeria while Professor’s was to freeze a bank to buy time.

• Planning

The professor spent 5 months preparing for rubbing a bank, there he drew up his game, planned moves and counter moves, brain stormed to see possible errors, trained his experts and finally had a magnificent Bullet-proof plan of which was necessary to pierce a high class, security sensitive and anti-rubbery record bank. Set in place where plans A, B and C. Neither one was less thorough.

Kanu’s steps are more calculated than people think especially when he was to lead not only his trained experts but also a flock of ordinary people who neither knew a plan was necessary for Biafra nor were ready to play along. That is why Kanu has to do a lot of talking to get them along. Kanu didn’t wake up and start talking about Biafra, according to the data available from my rough researches, Kanu had planned not less than a 16 year interval. I will prove it.
Nnamdi Kanu

• The day he entered Nigeria on 14 Oct 2015 his plans have always been TO BE ARRESTED. What he said in Radio Biafra were exactly the things that could put him in prison in a dictator led federal government. To cap it all, he gave an interview to Sahara Reporters where he claimed he will destroy Nigeria. This is treasonable. By doing this, he had raised every antenna to himself, queerly not for admiration, but for an arrest.

• On arrival he had disclosed his location, and from which airport and hotel of residence. As planned, the able DSS arrested him with smiles. They were congratulated for making a big catch but never knew they were doing completely what Kanu wants them to do. A question could be asked, why did Kanu want an arrest?

• Allowing himself to be arrested wasn’t a safe thing as many will think, he could die in prison out of poisoning like Abiola. Buhari is also a heartless dictator, he can do anything he wants without fear or favour, moreover, he could jail Kanu for life to say it loud. Kanu’s chances of surviving a dictator Buhari, if not very narrow was at 0 point. Yet he wanted an arrest.

• However Kanu still had his plans to come out alive, not only to come out alive but also as a hero. Entering a lions den and coming out alive does not make you just a survivor, it makes you an immortal. His plan was now a total dependence on one thing, his enthusiasts. If he will come out alive, it will not depend on him, his supporters had to do the rest. IPOB was left with a single commandment, “The day you hear that I am dead, destroy the Zoo”. This was the coin with which he bought his life from arrest.

• Categorically speaking, don’t blame anybody who supports Kanu, he bought each and everyone of them with a very high prize. Kanu does not receive supports, he earns them painfully. Quite unlike a noise maker.

• After this, Kanu was now to be a domestic name in Nigerian politics, he had bought a ticket into the Nigerian game. This only meant he had gotten some powers. In democracy, the most valuable power is not in money, it is in numbers. Kanu has the highest number of supporters per capita, in the Nigerian environs. Per capita means each person standing individually; a Buhari without APC, Atiku without PDP, Obiano without APGA. Whereas these people can return to nothing when they lose their seats, Kanu retains his numbers. This is exactly why he is a provoking challenge to all the politicians in south east.

• However, his intelligence was not more in getting this number and power than it is in deploying them. How Kanu has deployed this power had made him a phenomenon.

• Kanu’s next move wasn’t to celebrate his new powers, it was to increase them. After he left prison, his bail conditions which where discussed in all the news channels was stringent. Made to keep him in one place and to subdue his power. Seeing this, he knew he had to brake each single one of them because a re-arrest was better off than keeping to a stringent bail. He began his rallies again, wherever he went he entertained a wild crowd of supporters. His interest was not more in the Igbo zones as much as it is in the zone called Niger Delta. To thread a foot there was to bruise the long standing notion that they were not Biafrans. If he entertains a wild crowd then virtually he had become the east bloc himself.

• His plans were proactive, brave and daring. He was succeeding.

• The cabals knew that his entering into Niger delta will be injurious but an alternative of re-arrest for breaking bail conditions was not also viable. They had to do the necessary; assassination. In Nigerian politics, if one happens to develop wings, to cut it, he is either jailed for donkey years or he is assassinated. Delegiwa and Abiola were clear examples. Kanu could have tailed behind but what happened next was not a coincidence.

• Whether this eventuality happened according to the timeline of his plan is apparent, what wasn’t  is an escape plan. In every plan, there is always a back door.

• This is the silence of 2018 after he escaped from assassins in Nigeria army.

• 2018 was a good time to be away, still a better one to brain storm for another strategy. This additional year is what made my total estimation of his planning to be up to 16 from a 15 position.

• His new strategy has pivoted from international pressure to verbal attacks on Nigeria. His verbal attacks had seen to the nailing of Jubril to the minds of every Nigerian. The election boycott saga was so effective that one may never knew it was just from a noise maker who sat thousand of kilometres away from Nigeria to institute the greatest election controversy in Nigeria after the JUNE 12.

If a systematic 5 months plan can foil the rubbery status of the most guarded money institutions in the world, at least in a virtual perspective, I don’t know what a 16 year plan can do to Nigeria in real time. Whatever it is, I have some few take aways for you:

• Nnamdi Kanu started planning about the year 2000.

• Then he was about 32 and had nothing with him.

• It had taken his teen to know as much of history as possible and his twenties in extensive study of Economics and world politics, his thirties where an actual plan began would start with identifying with rally groups in London for good leadership for Nigeria. All through his life, he had planned for better change in Africa notwithstanding.

• Protesting with Nigerian flag for so long without results would warrant a change in approach.

• Biafra was activated towards his late 30s and early 40s. (2005-2008)

• Identifying with the existing Biafran group MASSOB was the first thing to do.

• He became the director of Radio Biafra, a 41 year old and instituted IPOB. (2009)

• As his message dispersed, so was his influence and plan.

• This continued for about another 6 years (2015) spent closely with a drawing board.

• You can call him a noise maker but it never changes his sophistication.
• He is a patient planner and as thorough as one can be.

• The time you think his plans ended, that was when it began.

Quite a lot to learn, Professors! 
By me VIRAL.

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