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Nigeria: Politics Of Deception In The World's Most Dangerous Nation

Politics Of Deception In The World's Most Dangerous Nation By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi For Family Writers Press International Pol...

Politics Of Deception In The World's Most Dangerous Nation

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International

Politics in Nigeria is something done in the negative, hence I choose to call it politics of lies, evil and deception.

Everything a Nigeria politician does is done towards confusing and taking advantage of the people. Firstly, they made the people so incapacitated and impoverished, that they are unable to reason properly. This is achieved through the type of education given to Nigerians. A type of education that makes them pride in an ordinary spoken English language. They think speaking grammar is intelligence, whereas in the villages, there are  men and women that doesn't speak a word of English, yet are very intelligent and decorated with wisdom. Countless times, I have seen Nigerians who instead of dwelling on the message passed, they dismiss an obvious truth simply because the presenter made a mistake in the use of English language.

Is that not why they now claim intellectuals whereas they know absolutely nothing.

Have you tried observing the actions of Nigeria politicians, as to understand their treacherous nature? This politics of deception have affected everybody, both politicians and non-politicians. Rich businessmen, women leaders and even youths have negatively joined as to benefit from the treachery of the politicians.

Ever wondered why money bags are donating to the federal government of Nigeria billions of naira to fight Coronavirus? That is same Nigeria government that has a shameless history of looting. These men and women understand the politics of deception very well. They know this is an opportunity to bribe the federal government, as to get more contracts and positions along the road of pandering of the resources of Nigeria. They donate millions to gain billions to the eternal suffering of the people.

Nigeria government has announced that they will be helping out vulnerable and poor Nigerians. How they got the data of these vulnerable Nigerians is beyond comprehension. They are not helping, but they are about to loot more and steal more.

They play on the psych of the masses and force them into supporting what they don't understand. They see their saviour as the enemy and love the same politicians raping them. It is a five decades of mental destruction. Consequently, today the brain and thinking faculty of Nigerians are totally damaged.

Nnamdi Kanu would tell the people to rise up and confront their oppressors; stating that it is only idiots that keep quiet and do nothing as they are massively impoverished. The politicians turn against him and come up to tell the people not to listen to a man that tells them truth in the hard way. Same politicians have imprisoned journalists, killed protesters, steal and loot millions, resulting to the death of thousands, yet they are telling the people to go against someone that flog them with words in order to reset their brains. To them, the people raping and impoverishing them are better than someone that harmlessly spurs them to embrace freedom and live like freemen.

The people would be told to demand that their celebrity musicians join the fight against injustice and killings going on in Nigeria and not sing senselessly, but they will rather go against you in support of the same musicians keeping quiet as they suffer and die in thousands.

The deception of the Nigeria politicians have not only made idiots out of Nigerians, it has created demons out of them. The knowledge that crime pays have totally turned Nigerians into supporters of evil. Just to receive favour from the government, they support impunity against their own people. Majority now struggle to be the ones to pitch tenth with the deceptive politicians. And the youths are the worst-hit. The jobless youths have taken solace as political liars for the deceptive politicians. They defend the indefensible, even murder of their fellow citizens.

It is a fight between good and evil, but in the end, the good will surely prevail.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers Press International.


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