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Africa: Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Live Radio Biafra Broadcast Of Wednesday 20th May 2020

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Live Radio Broadcast Of Wednesday 20th May 2020 Mazi Nnamdi Kanu * I start this evening by going straight into what i...

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Live Radio Broadcast Of Wednesday 20th May 2020
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

* I start this evening by going straight into what is happening in Biafraland and Edo State. The Fulani janjaweeds are flooding into various parts of our land with arms and ammunition.

* The largest ethnic group we have in Biafraland is Igbo and I will prove it tonight because evidence abounds.

* Ask yourself why is it only in the North that traditional names are retained but here in the South, they named you Delta, Cross River, Rivers and you accepted. The Europeans have it as a weapon of destruction by destroying your name. The same thing once happened to Israel when they renamed it Palestine which is a corrupt version of Philistine. The same way the Jews are hated, is the same way they hate Biafrans. Recall that I have severally been to places in the United States of America, to tell the Igbos that the Fulanis were coming to kill our people but they all neglected my warnings. It is unfortunate that it is now happening before our very eyes.

* When they proscribed the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), you were busy clapping and celebrating. You are so useless and shameless. You were busy insulting IPOB, that they are on social media but today, you are busy doing videos, begging. You are now making videos abroad, crying over the influx of the Fulanis into your land which shows that you are an idiot.

* I am warning you tonight, if you are found doing video on Internet from abroad, IPOB will attack you and I will call your name on air to decimate you publicly.

* Have you ever seen a big church auditorium in Biafraland? The answer is No! Evangelist Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai, the great preacher of the gospel from Biafraland based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, could not be supported by Biafran Christians to build giant church auditorium in Biafraland. All the big churches are established in Yorubaland. They are ashamed of building big church auditoriums in Biafraland and Biafrans are in those churches paying their tithes and offerings to their Yoruba General Overseers, who were muslims.

* Anywhere you see any Fulani in your land, point him to the houses/compounds belonging to those Igbos living in USA, who have refused to part with their money in support of the security of their villages. It is a direct order!

* Do you know that those Fulani young men trooping into our land are all foot soldiers? They are well sponsored by the Northern Islamic elites.

* I am very mad at our Biafran brothers living in USA because they do not care about the life of those living back home in Biafraland. I met them severally in 2015, telling them that the Fulanis were coming to our land. Do you know that only Biafrans in America can comfortably fund a war for five good years without complaints?

* The Fulanis have a target over our land. They have succeeded in installing Hope Uzodimma as the Governor of Imo State in order to accomplish their evil Islamic agenda. They are now planning to install an Islamic loyalist in Ohaneze Ndigbo presidency.

* Our so-called elders are very useless and hopeless to the extent that they cannot even stand on any decision against the Arewa and Fulani Caliphate.

* When I was about coming out from detention, I got an information that the Nigerian government was prepared to dialogue and negotiate with IPOB but Ohaneze Ndigbo and the South-East Governors said No. How can they be around and the government be negotiating with IPOB? They vowed to rather proscribe IPOB which they hurriedly did. Are you aware that the South-East Governors were the first to proscribe IPOB before the zoo (Nigeria) government did? Today, who are the people that will stop the janjaweed terrorists from the invasion of our land?

* Today being Wednesday 20th of May 2020, write it down that I said, "Fulani will take over Yorubaland within two years time". I laugh at them with their so-called "Amotekun" Security Outfit which has been compromised. Yorubas are cowards and they are very useless. Like what is happening in Edo State, which has now been taken over by the Fulani janjaweeds. Yet the monarch is very complicit of the situation.

* I traveled somewhere in Savanna, Georgia, USA, and I was told of what happened to a group of Biafrans who rather preferred to die than being slave servants to whitemen, their fellow humans. They joined themselves in chains, fell together into a deep river closeby and drowned. The history is still available up till this moment. I have been there.

* In the year 1929, Richard Nickson stated that the Igbos are the wandering Jews of Africa because of the killings of the Igbo people all over the world just like how the Jews of Israel were killed.

* Therefore, every ethnic group in Biafraland that has been going through this same condition are all Igbos and there is no doubt about it.

* Everybody in Biafraland originated from Anambra, the house of Gadin Agulu-eri. We are the descendants of Gad. Go to your history book and make your research. We have various names of towns and villages in Biafraland that have also affirmed our ancestral link on culture, traditions and beliefs which are very unique within Biafra territories.

* We have towns names like Owe-eri, Agulu-eri, Umu-eri, Ihe (Light), Ibibio, Igbo-Nta, Igbo-Ukwu, Ndoki, etcetera. All are traceable to our ancestral lineage.

* When the Portuguese explorers first came, they recognized us as "Biafrans" in Calabar which is a corrupt version of Kalabari. In other words, Calabar and Kalabari originated from same source. They are same people. Bonny was named by the Portuguese meaning "Beautiful People", which is not native. Your name is Ifeanyichukwu Okowa born at Ahaba Imenyi and you are telling me that you are from Niger Delta. You are insane! Instead of Nwaike, you changed it to Wike. The name Ibibio in Biafra, means Igbo junior or little Igbo.

* As far back as 1875, Britain called our land Biafra. If Biafra was not a nation, why would the then king of England send an emissary to our people? When the Portuguese explorers first came, they recognized us as "Biafrans" in Calabar.

* I am telling our brothers in the coastal region of Biafraland that the British has the weapon of name changing to destroy and divide you. And that was exactly what they used in destroying a lot of places in various parts of the world and mostly in Africa.

* Anyway, Biafra is coming and we must put everything back properly to how it was before the whitemen came to destroy our identity as a people. Every part of Biafra will vote to join Biafra. We are not going to force anybody.

* When Biafra comes, we shall build an auditorium for arguments where highly intelligent and brilliant Biafran citizens will converge and argue out facts. The results/agreements will be harnessed towards the development of our Biafra nation.

* But IPOB must continue in this fight for freedom because we are ever determined like the great Spartans. I read the history of the Spartans and also watched the video documentary of the 300 Spartans who fought till death for the sake of Greece and their memory yet lingers till the end of time. I also urge everyone under the sound of my voice, to watch the video documentary titled: "300 Spartans" and I believe you will learn a lot from it.

* In case you have any intelligent reports, suggestions and complaints you need to relate to the IPOB leadership, I am giving out some phone lines tonight. If you want to reach me for any enquiry via whatsapp messages only, use:

** Australia

** Britain

You can also report any suspicious activities/movements of the Fulanis within our localities as well as checkpoints of the Nigerian army and police across Biafraland.

* Buhari died in 2017 and buried in Saudi Arabia. I told them but some of them doubted IPOB. I am happy that today, we are being vindicated. I have said it here on Radio Biafra that Yemi Osinbajo has got missing but yet the Yoruba cowards do not want to voice out over the sudden disappearance of their brother.

* Aisha Buhari is now in charge of Nigeria's seat of power. But it is quite unfortunate that black people do not reason. The brain of Nigerians is very useless.

* Uganda President has spoken to his people on Covid-19 up to fourteen times. Where is the President of the giant of Africa? How many times did he speak to his country men and women? Just three times via video recording.

* I am here tonight to warn them never to try it again by showing that thing in Aso Rock as the President of Nigeria. If they try us, we will expose them the more, than ever before.

* Are you sure it is not Osinbajo they shot on the head and put in that coffin they deceitfully called that of Abba Kyari? That coffin was stained with fresh blood and can someone that died of coronavirus be dripping with blood?

* Boss Mustapha, an ordinary appointee, not elected, is currently the Vice President. He is doing the job of Yemi Osinbajo and unfortunately, the Yorubas have failed to ask for their son.

* Aisha Buhari, your husband is dead and you abandoned his corpse in Saudi Arabia and you brought in your "sugar-boy" who is wearing a mask like masquerade to be sleeping with you.

* Do you know why they are battling Governor Wike? It is because the largest population of Biafrans is in Obigbo. Wike is the only one fighting on the frontline and he needs help and that help must come from everybody.


* I am hereby tonight, announcing the lifting of suspension on few of our brethren in USA.......

* Mazi Abel Nkemjika becomes Delta State Interim Coordinator. He shall be in charge of IPOB affairs in the State till the return of Mazi Chukwuma who is presently in custody of the Nigerian Security Operatives.

* Follow us on our Facebook page @ Radio Biafra London with over 1.5 million followers. Also follow me on my Facebook page @ Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with over 400, 000,followers even though Facebook agents are fighting us but we must continue.

* I will begin to take calls on air after this period of Covid-19 Pandemic.

* The best writer of the week will be my co-presenter on my program here on Radio Biafra.

* I will end my broadcast for tonight and I say as always, that "Biafra is our religion and here on Radio Biafra, is where we worship Elohim".

* From me, from here, it is good evening!

Written by Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers Press International

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