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Biafra: Allow us To Try - Tari Nemi An Izon Activist Berates Izon Elders

Biafra: Allow us To Try - Tari Nemi An Izon Activist Berates Izon Elders In his strong worded open letter of refutal to the misleadin...

Biafra: Allow us To Try - Tari Nemi An Izon Activist Berates Izon Elders

In his strong worded open letter of refutal to the misleading claims by some Izon elders/leaders regarding their disappointing statements about their identity vis-a-vis the Biafra restoration question, the revolutionary writer, freedom activist and refined teacher - Tari Nemi, definitively stated: "Your generation tried and failed, now our generation wants to try, yet your generation would not allow us. Many of you with the exception of few like Mama Annkio Briggs (even though we still disagree on opinions), are not doing anything to see us free and soon you will leave this world for us still in slavery, God forbids"!

"During your days as youths, you guys had better days in Nigeria and enjoyed a little but our days are filled with hardship and brutality, yet you would not want us to try. When many of you were in our ages, you were already leaders of industries and governments and till today, most of you still occupy such positions leaving the majority of us to scramble for the crumbs and we are fighting hard to liberate ourselves, yet you would not let us fight our enemies in peace".

Continuing, Tari Nemi said: "Yes, you have experience and you have told us your experience, would you not allow us be the judge? What makes you feel that our generation cannot make better decisions for ourselves after hearing your stories?".

"Success has no judge. If your decisons of old were right, we would not be born to correct the mistakes you made. Yes, you made mistakes because if you did not, we would have been free people today, not living in fear of Fulani herdsmen militia attacking us in the middle of the night".

The revolutionary writer factually stressed further in the letter saying: "I am tired of hearing, 'you inexperienced youth'. You are not God and so, you are not infallible. All you preach to us is fear of the Igboman yet in our generation, beyond the ethnic groups in the so-called Niger Delta, only the Igbos have showed us love as a family".

"Our generation will continue to agitate for our freedom through Biafra with an alliance of documented agreement binding us, a feat you could not do with any group you supported with your lives in the past. Isaac Adaka Boro aligned with the Fulanis without any agreement and met his death in the hands of the Yorubas who got an agreement with the Fulanis. This is our lives, so let us do what we know is right".

He defiantly continued: "We must preach the freedom Biafra brings to every Ijaw  man and they must all make their decisions for themselves. Gone are the days when few decide for many. Today Ijaw National Congress (INC), is far more disorganized than the Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC) yet, INC was supposed to be the elders group of Izon nation guiding IYC. Yet, it seems IYC should be guiding them. If INC which is your generation cannot organize themselves as elders, why should we trust your judgements as youths which you want to force on our throats today? If Biafra can let me have 100% resource control in Ijaw nation and autonomy, what else am I struggling for?".

The prolific writer further queried: "If I should not have to bother whether an Igboman will dominate any business and market because in Ijaw nation, he must co-own any business he wants to do with a fellow Ijawman, why should I fear? If the Igboman is ready to die with me in struggling for freedom and live peacefully with me afterwards, why should I bother? Igbos are the majority in Igweocha (Port Harcourt), yet some of us love Port Harcourt more than our State capital, Yenegoa (Bayelsa).  So if Igbos are not good people to live with, why have we not fought with them or have any reason to fight with them?".

"We keep talking of how Igbos cannot be trusted, yet we have fought with all our neighbors against injustice including Yoruba in Lagos but we have never fought with the Igbos, why? Is it not because they are peaceful people who would not take what is not theirs? An Igboman will insult you but the Fulani will kill you, yet some of you our elders will tell us that a Fulani man is better than an Igboman not minding that the Fulani will take you to stone age while the Igbo will industrialize your village".

"Please think about this and let us make our mistakes, it might just be the right thing because a man which makes the mistakes of his father, is a FOOL who will not live to see the glory of his son", Tari Nemi conclusively admonished.

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