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Justice Demanded In The Mysterious Death Of A Lebanese-based Biafran Lady

Justice Demanded In The Mysterious Death Of A Lebanese-based Biafran Lady Miss Mercy Oshama Adie Miss Mercy Oshama Adie, a promising,...

Justice Demanded In The Mysterious Death Of A Lebanese-based Biafran Lady
Miss Mercy Oshama Adie

Miss Mercy Oshama Adie, a promising, young Biafran lady from Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, Biafraland, worked as a House-Keeper for her Iranian woman employer, in Lebanon. The Iranian woman, known as Madam Sarma, had another female Philipino housekeeping employee.

Family Writers Press International, prior to her untimely death, learnt that Miss Mercy Oshama Adie, had premonitively complained about her fears, wondering why her madam would want her to travel with them (Madam Sarma and children), to the mountain on Sunday she was supposedly observe her work-free day. The planned visit to the mountain was quite unusual, surprising and suspicious. On Mercy's recorded voice note which the FWPI stumbled at, there was the revelation that the trip was billed to take place just for only one day period which was totally strange, between Saturday and Sunday night. She felt greatly troubled, not knowing the sudden and unusual reprogramming of her duty by madam Sarma.

As a Christian, Mercy committed her fate into the hands of the Almighty God, yielding to the pressure and plea of her employer. The reason behind the madam's insistence according to obtained information was for Mercy to help prepare meals for her employer's children which her Philipino counterpart lacks the ample expertise to carry out as there existed no other place to get meals for the children.

It is noteworthy to state here that Mercy Oshama Adie's contract with this woman actually elapsed in November, 2019. Being a Biafran, Mercy had desired enlisting into the family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Lebanon. But following a wise counsel, she had to shelve the idea until she returned home to Nigeria. This would have given her the opportunity to join the closest family unit to her and making her own contributions. Her madam however declined assisting her to secure her return ticket to Nigeria despite repeated pleas. It was heartwrenching to learn the following Monday that Mercy had suddenly died. This was most shocking and unbelievable because she had been hale and hearty. All efforts aimed at unraveling the cause of Mercy's death have remained shrouded. In a country like Lebanon, it is totally disappointing to note that there exist absolutely no human rights and justice. The Nigerian embassy in the country had displayed adamant lack of cooperation and assistance in the light of this ugly incident.

Further investigation by Family Writers Press International, revealed that madam Sarma's English translator/advocate (male), has known his client for more than fifteen (15) years, describing her as a woman with a "baby's heart". Madam Sarma had had Mercy Oshama Adie working with her for close to twelve (12) good years, maintaining that she was an amazing woman but that she was stubborn, refusing to go hospital. The Iranian woman claimed that the deceased was sick for about a period of one month before her death. Through her agent, she stated that Mercy blatantly refused to take medication, as she had been infected with flu just like every other members of the family that were medically treated except Mercy. She never wanted any medication neither did she agree visiting the hospital for diagnosis.

The Iranian woman employer further alleged that a day before Mercy's death, she was terribly down health wise, and despite repeated plea for her to go to the hospital, she objected. It was as they woke up from sleep the following morning, that they saw her (Mercy), lying stone dead on the floor. The Philipino house-keeper could be asked about this. "Be careful of your accusations", madam Sarma warned.

The Nigerian embassy she revealed was duly contacted at every stage, to give clear direction on the incident. There was nobody to definitively talk to, neither was there specification on the kind of documents required to facilitate the deportation of the corpse from Lebanon. Madam Sarma further stated that the embassy in it's response, told them that late Miss Mercy Oshama Adie was not registered at her point of entry into the country as a house-keeper. It was based on this that further contacts were made to Lebanese cargo ministry and security department. This was all that transpired. Follow up contacts to the consulate maintained that the staff was unaware of such a development but that was in the contrary as efforts were truly made to reach them.

Madam Sarma continued by saying that when one has employees that are not registered, situations always show up like this. Her translator/agent stated: "If madam Sarma had made the contacts, I would have not believed but I personally did". "I gave the consulate the deceased lady's name and passport number. So get your facts straight", he cautioned. "The doctor in the hospital said that Mercy died a natural death. "You can conduct autopsy or better still, send someone to the hospital to verify", the translator maintained.

This painful death of Miss Mercy Oshama Adie, is one too many and all remote/immediate cause(s) must be comprehensively investigated. The law must be allowed to take it's full cause in this matter. The Nigerian consulate in Lebanon, the Iranian woman employer and the Philipino house-keeper definitely have questions to answer. Let justice prevail!

Family Writers Press International


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