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Nigeria, Jubril Is Dead: Matters Arising

Jubril Is Dead: Matters Arising Intelligence Report Published By Family Writers Press. Abba Kyari recruited Jubril from Sudan to act as...

Jubril Is Dead: Matters Arising

Intelligence Report
Published By Family Writers Press.

Abba Kyari recruited Jubril from Sudan to act as Buhari's imposter. He got infected with corona virus. The first person he transmitted the deadly virus to was Jubril Al-Sudani who died alongside with him of same Covid-19 in Cuba. It is indisputable that Abba had contact with Yemi Osibanjo, Femi Adesina and a host of cabals who are unofficial kitchen cabinet members of the defacto president. Yemi Osibanjo and Femi Adesina were quarantined for weeks, even though their health status is currently unknown, especially that of Osibanjo who has been out of circulation for some couple of months.

Buhari and Jubril
Mallam Kyari distributed covid-19 perfectly amongst northern elites. This is evident in the unimaginable wave of death that is ravaging influential figures across the north. However, that is 'by the way'.

The real contention here is that after the death of Abba Kyari and his employee, Jubril, there have been crisis and panic in Aso rock. With IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu sounding like someone that planted a raven in Aso rock and Aisha Buhari threatening to let the cat out of the bag should she not be allowed to have her way, there is absolutely nothing the remnant of the cabals could do. Osibanjo is already in the furnace of enforced covid-19 quarantine  as the harmattan of Aso rock power tussle rages.

By this time, Nigerians are already on a high alert courtesy of IPOB massive awareness campaign. The cabals know that the idea of having a power vacuum for another six months which resulted in the initial recruit of the late Jubril in 2017 is no longer feasible and will definitely end in futility, which may provoke a military coup d'état should massive civil revolution fail. Now the idea of digitizing Buhari's imposter seem to have afforded Nigeria an undeserved extra time from the impending cataclysmic collapse resulting from the most notorious treasonable felon and grand criminal conspiracy of some power-drunken Fulani cabals who recruited a foreigner to act as president of over 200million Nigerians.

 Tragically, a worst deception is currently being perpetrated in Aso rock. Whoever thought of, suggested and employed the use of Replica face-mask, Artificial intelligence and Holographic technologies to impersonate Buhari as Nigeria president has struck the final nail of death on  Nigeria as a country. This extra time is definitely an injury time.


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