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We Are IPOB! We Have No Friends And We Have No Enemies---Says Kanu

We Are IPOB! We Have No Friends And We Have No Enemies---Says Kanu The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, Mazi N...

We Are IPOB! We Have No Friends And We Have No Enemies---Says Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, laid bare, the organization's position, on the resoluteness and uncompromising principle of both the leadership and membership on traits/acts of subfertuge. He maintained unequivocally that IPOB is a unique movement that is holistically given to the total freedom of Biafra and her people, the cost nonetheless. He came hard on saboteurs, snitches and traitors both within and without, who relentlessly scheme to sabotage the Biafran cause. He stated that the criminal activities of these people only bring out the best in IPOB, emboldening the membership into defiantly remaining focused and determined in their avowed resolve to achieving set objectives. He took a hard swipe on both the compromising members and outside attackers, warning that dire consequences of life time regrets await them .

Hear him: "We do not appeal or build bridges with saboteurs and traitors. To us, they are as irrelevant and inconsequential as Yoruba e-rats on three thousand (3,000) naira weekly data stipend. Saboteurs strengthen us with their treachery. If you sabotage the sacred project of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), you will be kicked out from the family. You will be shredded and destroyed and sometimes, worst things will happen to you if we catch you".

"There is no forgiveness, no pardon, no pity, no diplomacy, no bridge building. Once you are out, you are an outcast forever. From as many useless pro-Biafran groups as you, like with the help of Department of Security Services (DSS) or Ohaneze Ndi-oshi, you can gossip as much as you like with your multiple fake Facebook accounts, you will never be allowed back in".

"We tolerate petty saboteurs to keep coming forward because it makes it easier for us to destroy them. The more dangerous ones are those in our midst, pretending but are working for the enemy. Any IPOB family member appealing to the online traitors to stop hating Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, is mentally weak. IPOB was forged in the heat of battles and purified in the furnace of ceaseless confrontation for eight good years. Bridge building with traitors is for the confused and for the unfocused. We are IPOB. We conquer and subdue our "enemies" with overwhelming evidence and incontrovertible proof. We down them in the pool of truth".

"We love trouble, enmity and confrontation because we believe and know that enemies within and without are good for us, the same way good immune system can only be built by the body confronting viruses and bacteria on regular basis. We are arrogant, yes! This is because IPOB is the best there is, in the whole world. An unarmed group that broke a country with nothing but TRUTH. If as a frontline activist, you mistakenly think that our love and praise of your work for Biafra means that we are gullible and can be divided, then we show you who we are. Any day you step out of line, you become a toast. We would sink you because many have died, imprisoned and tortured for this Biafra. We are like the "vulture", we have no friends, we have no enemies. We only love those that pursue Biafra in truth and honesty. Once you deviate, then it's bye-bye, no matter who you think you are", he pointedly concluded.

IPOB as an organization, remains untaintedly forthright in it's pursuit and can never shift an inch from it's divinely ordained assignment for the sake any mortal.

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