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Nigeria: Speak The Truth, Kanu Tells Religious Leaders Elders, Etc

Nigeria: Speak The Truth, Kanu Tells Religious Leaders Elders, Etc Mazi Nnamdi Kanu The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPO...

Nigeria: Speak The Truth, Kanu Tells Religious Leaders Elders, Etc
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has in his live broadcast on Radio Biafra, Sunday 14th June 2020, strongly condemned the lack luster attitude of the Nigerian leaders, particularly the clergymen,  the elderstatemen and the intellectuals.

Nigerians are being gruesomely killed in their hundreds on successive basis by the same group of people that claim to love them. And with these myriads of terrific atrocities being despicably committed, the religious leaders, elders and the intelligentsia, scattered all over the country, disgustingly keep sealed lips out of their own selfish interests and fear. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu berated their cowardice and complacency in his revelational lecture concerning black Africans and their evil antecedents. He unequivocally declared that naturally, "Blacks are evil". He lamented that this tainted nature was what gave rise to the white man painting of Lucifer, as black, as well as anything associated with black Africans.  There has been a number of heinous crimes being unleashed on the people in Nigeria, including Christians, Muslims and even traditionalists; and yet those who call themselves men of God, Imams, professors, PhD holders, public commentators/analysts, etcetera, cannot open their mouths to condemn evil.

Today, Nigeria has no President, Vice President and Army Chief of Staff and everybody is pretentiously carrying on as if everything is normal in a country of over one hundred and eighty million people. People are dying and Aisha Buhari and her boyfriend that is wearing Buhari's mask are there in Aso Rock, with Fulani cabals, holding people to ransom. And to worsen the already bad situation, compromised media that ought to professionally employ ethical balancing in their reportage, in defence of humanity, are shamelessly championing criminality and concealing the horrendous activities being perpetrated. That is the character of a blackman and that is why God is angry with those who call themselves, Nigerians.

Nigeria is a country, fashioned for regression and only those who are ostensibly thriving from the blood of the innocent, being prevalently shed on the altar of Fulani driven Islamic terrorism, are surviving. They want everyone in that evil contraption to remain bound. According to the IPOB leader, "Nigeria is daily living out it's name which connotes Negro in English, Niger in French and Nigga in Italian language. It means river, black, unlucky, gloomy, awful, evil. Nigerians are evil and that is why nothing good will come from there. Google it and see it by yourself. The white man who created Nigeria is there mocking you because you do not know yourself".

"They are shamelessly staging protests against the killing of an African-American called George Floyd in Minneapolis, Texas, United States of America by a white racist police officer whereas, back in Nigeria, people are being slaughtered at will, not just only by Islamic jihadists but also by the armed operatives of different security outfits without them raising eye brows. This is of course, the height of the hypocrisy of the blackman", Kanu maintained. A popular biblical reference says that you should first "Remove the log in your own eyes before telling someone to remove the speck in his. "A typical blackman out of his nature, claims that white people hate them but they are the ones hating themselves. We as blacks, kill ourselves much more than the people we are accusing. The worst part of it is that blacks most especially, self-proclaimed Nigerians have bluntly refused to learn from history. If the so-called elders who claim that IPOB family members do not respect them while they (elders) do not live up to their responsibilities, why should they be called elders in the first place?".

This is the sole reason behind the rascality and impunity with which the Fulani janjaweeds' unhindered invasion of Biafraland, acquiring our properties, raping our women and killing our men, while we sit by unperturbed right before our very eyes. What a shame!

Every religious leader, elder and intellectual, across the geographical expression called Nigeria, should henceforth, rise up and begin to do the will of God if they genuinely need God's blessings. Not doing what God desires will most assuredly trigger off an unprecedented mayhem by the Northern Fulani cabals as part of the wrath of God Almighty.

The Fulanis do not in any form of definition, love you and if they do, why was Yemi Osinbajo denied the office of the President as the Vice? Nigeria, currently has seven different deadly Islamic terrorist groups and no one is courageously and decisively coordinating a fight against them, Why? Because Aso Rock Is Empty!


Written by Sunday Okafor

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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