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Nigeria: They Are Islamic Terrorists And Not "Bandits"

Nigeria: They Are Islamic Terrorists And Not "Bandits" The Islamic terrorism enterprise being perpetrated by the Northern Fula...

Nigeria: They Are Islamic Terrorists And Not "Bandits"

The Islamic terrorism enterprise being perpetrated by the Northern Fulani religious and political leaders, has terribly heightened in Nigeria against Christian communities and non-Fulani Indigenous populations. It has been a tale of persistent woes, pains and sorrow as people get willfully killed in their numbers and properties worth fortunes, wantonly destroyed on successive basis. Officials of the Fulani ruling Government of Nigeria, including the security operatives pretentiously look the other way as these horrific experiences hold sway.

The world is daily being hoodwinked to believe that the perpetrators of this evil, are mere bandits that engage in robbery and other related evil acts against the people. But the truth remains that the horrendous activities committed by these terrorists are being downplayed by the Fulani janjaweed government, using the compromised Nigerian media and recruited e-rats, to beguile the gullible. These criminal-terrorists are Miyetti Allah disciples (Fulani Killer Herdsmen) who engage totally and mandatorily, in  radical Islamic expansionist agenda against the indigenous land owners.

Just recently, well over 200 innocent souls were brutally hacked down by these Fulani Islamic jihadists in Katsina, Kaduna and Borno States in Northern Nigeria. The vampiric onslaught of these terrorists do not in anyway, touch the conscience of Aso Rock officials to decisively take action that will not only pre-empt this mayhem but secure the lives and properties of the people.

Whilst some Boko Haram terrorists surrender  themselves to the army for retraining and absorbance into the Nigerian army according to plans to further their islamisation agenda, the Fulani killer herdsmen (their civilian and well armed counterparts), are being detailed as "bandits" to wreck havoc against non Fulani citizens, most especially. Though they co-inhabit with other indigenous dwellers in Katsina (North-West) region of Nigeria, the incessant killings of the innocent and government's perceived docility in curbing the attendant murderous impunity of these dangerously armed Islamists, prompted an unusual  demonstration in Buhari's home State.

The protest was organized and led by one Nastura Sheriff, to register the people's displeasure as contained in the constitution as an inalienable right. This man was picked amongst others by the Nigerian police for daring to stage a peaceful protest, thus lending credence to the standing assertion that the terrorists are doing the bidding of the Nigerian government. None of them since this wave of terrorism started, has either been arrested or tried in any court of competent jurisdiction.

In the recent news publication, "Concerned Nigerian Groups" tasked the Nigerian Government to: "Arrest Bandits, Not Critics". In their covert agenda to hide the truth, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), asked Muhammadu Buhari led government to immediately release from detention, Mr. Nastura Sheriff, who serves as the chairman, Board of Trustees (BoT) of the organization. He was arrested and is being detained by the police, as the organizer of the Katsina protest peacefully staged against the growing state of insecurity in the North. The body's discontent hinges on the arrest and detention of protestors instead of the massaged Fulani Islamic terrorists deceitfully tagged "bandits". Nigeria is a country where lies, deceit and injustice thrive and because the armed killers are serving the mandate of their sponsors in government, they have to tag them a milder and more acceptable name for the global community and the uninformed, to be deceived.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, bluntly condemning the atrocities being condoned in the country, stated in his last broadcast on Radio Biafra, that the "People in 'Nigga area' in Katsina, went out to do the same protest that you are doing around the world in the name of "Black Lives Matter", and the organizer, Nastura Sheriff was arrested".

"Amnesty International has reported that they (Nigeria Security Agents) have arrested this man because he is crying out about the killings of his people by bandits".

It is pertinent to emphatically state here therefore, that the so-called "bandits" are Fulani Islamic terrorists from Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria. "Bandits" is a name coined out by the Fulani oligarchy/cabals to  make the criminals appear acceptable in deceit, than what their identity really connotes, which is Fulani Killer Herdsmen. Nigeria is truly a country where black lives do not matter, thereby allowing lies/falsehood to thrive and the people love to have it so. It is a pity!

Written by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International


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