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Racism: Biafran Woman Pleads For Assistance For The Release Of Her Abducted Sons By The Scottish Authorities Since 2015

Racism: Biafran Woman Pleads For Assistance For The Release Of Her Abducted Sons By The Scottish Authorities Since 2015 Henrietta with...

Racism: Biafran Woman Pleads For Assistance For The Release Of Her Abducted Sons By The Scottish Authorities Since 2015

Henrietta with her kids

Mrs. Henrietta Ofokansi with Telephone Number +447787953133, is a native of Azigbo, in Nnewi-South local government area of Anambra State and legally married to Mr. Innocent Ofokansi who hails from Udi-Eziago, Aguobuwa town in Enugu State, both of which are respectively, within Biafraland, forcefully annexed into Nigeria. This family is based in Glasgow, Scotland. Henrietta Ofokansi is a graduate of the University of Strathcylde (vulnerable children care provider) and a certificate holder as a professional Sous Chef from the University of Highland and Island Perth. Her husband - Innocent Ofokansi, also schooled and graduated with Masters degree in the same country. They are blessed with three (3) sweet and handsome boys namely: Chukwuka, Chukwuebuka and Tobenna.

In an interview with Family Writers Press International, Mrs. Henrietta Ofokansi revealed amidst tears, that in the year 2015, her husband and the father and her children, traveled home from Scotland for the burial of his late mother and eversince then, has been denied access back to his family in Scotland. Reason for this treatment has remained mysterious to them as her husband has never been implicated or indicted for any criminal activity by the authorities.

She further revealed that as ardent Roman Catholics, they have remained law abiding and had to relocate from Edinburgh to Glasgow for greener pastures. She has for the past five years, single-handedly and painstakingly,  taken over the responsibility of providing for her boys in every dimension. Her ordeal started way back on the 23rd day of February 2015, just few months of rest after her immigration problem.

"One faithful day after returning home from school runs with my three children (boys), a lady by name, ARLENE REILLY with one of her colleagues, came knocking at the door of our apartment and were ushered in. They introduced themselves as "Social Workers", claiming that they came to take my children out amongst others for an outdoor play fun. Startled about this sudden arrangement, I pressed further to actually know the details but this Scottish lady maintained that she could not divulge further information to me. Unknown to me however, these people had been having discussions with my boys but because they love outdoor leisures as children, and not having any knowledge of the real intent of the so-called "Social Workers", I innocently obliged, just to make my children happy. All that this predominantly Scottish communityin is interested in of course, is to dispatch spy agents to pry into the home of whosoever they consider a single mother and forcefully dispossess her of her children", she grievely stated.

"From 2015 till date, my heart is broken, suffering loneliness, sorrowing and enduring excruciating emotional/psychological trauma over my three sons whose whereabouts and condition, I do not know. I cannot rightly say what really is happening to them in this period of Covid-19 global pandemic. I have been totally and completely shut out from my children and all the efforts I have so far made to get justice have been bluntly rebuffed by the Scottish authorities. My life is in shreds, I am silently dying. You people should please help me to get justice and bring back my sons for me", Mrs. Henrietta Ofokansi bitterly lamented.

This is absolutely a case of pure racism, barbarism, victimization and hate, orchestrated by a state against an innocent mother who has for the past five years and four months now, whose biological children were forcefully taken away, to be denied casting her eyes on them for no justifiable/expressed reason. They have detained and held these children incommunicado in a foster home, without their biological maternal care.

All kind-spirited individuals, human rights organizations and concerned authorities globally, should please expeditiously wade into this matter and help rescue these awesome Biafran children (brothers) from same parents and hand them over to their grieving biological mother. This level of inhumanity and racism has forced the denial of a mother and her children, distantly away from their inalienably God-given liberty and relationship. It is not just bestially evil but condemnable by all sane societies.

The address and contact lines of the organization that sent the Scottish lady (ARLENE REILLY) to craftily take these Biafran brothers away from their mother since 2015, is:-

1250 Westerhouse road, Easterhouse, Glasgow, Scotland.

Telephone: +441412763410

Family Writers Press International Reporting.


Henrietta with kids and Husband

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