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Biafra/Oduduwa Alliance: End Of The Road For Nigeria

Biafra/Oduduwa Alliance: End Of The Road For Nigeria By Chinedu Okenwa I have always written that Mazi Nnamdi kanu's approach or...

Biafra/Oduduwa Alliance: End Of The Road For Nigeria

By Chinedu Okenwa

I have always written that Mazi Nnamdi kanu's approach or should I say methodology is 100% correct with the sole reason that unlike every other black person who believes in solving EVERY of their problems with what I call the "European Demographic Theory"- a situation black people solve their problems using the theories of those that colonized them,

Mazi Nnamdi kanu is a REALIST who solves problems by weighing others experiences and postulating effective and successful solutions that align with immediate environment because there is a wise saying in Igbo Biafran dialect "Nku di na mba na eghere mba nri". This means that every race, country has a peculiar way of solving problems.

You don't expect to get 10% success by using a solution from areas of civilized individuals who are prone to reasoning and implementing it in an area with wild species of human who do not reason.

You can not expect to use same method on areas where people sees REFERENDUM as peaceful way of self determination with Nigger areas where they see Referendum as WAR. We must be able to fathom the differences.

Some scholars will always cite examples on how things are done in the post European ENLIGHTENMENT era, and expecting you to use same method in a country that contain people with Fulani cow brain who knew nothing about civilization.

When you try to engage them to reason and undergo same enlightenment phase like the Europeans they are giving example with, they say tag you an Audio Freedom Fighter. Do you see how a black man is coded?

They will always want to form alliance by licking people's ass without knowing that the only best way of winning a soul is by being able to speak the bitter truth and stand by it. No matter how hard or painful truth may appear, sensible people end up running to it because they know that truth is life.

The enlightenment strategy of Mazi Nnamdi kanu has opened the brain of many black fellows including our Odudua brothers to understand that the only problem confronting us as a people is the existence of a white man creation Nigeria filled with Fulani bloodsucking demons,

And now they know, understand the need to form alliance in other to collapse the evil edifice, Nigeria.

As soon as I hear the order for Biafrans to cease further attacks on Odudua nation and personality no matter the provocation, I knew that a strong alliance bonded by Truth has been established. May Elohim be praised.

Believe you me, that is the end of Nigeria including terrorism, incessant kidnapping, raping and killing of our people.

Some people are made great, others learn to be great but few are born with greatness. If only we all will rally round Mazi Nnamdi kanu and IPOB, not only Biafra, Odudua but every ethnicity in Africa will be liberated.

God bless Biafra nation
God bless Odudua nation

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