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Nigeria: Who Really Is Sponsoring Boko Haram And Herdsmen Terrorists?

Who Really Is Sponsoring Boko Haram And Herdsmen Terrorists? Often times, critical questions do prop up pertaining Boko Haram and Herdsm...

Who Really Is Sponsoring Boko Haram And Herdsmen Terrorists?

Often times, critical questions do prop up pertaining Boko Haram and Herdsmen terrorists, about the sources of their money and military equipment being employed in their deadly activities. These Fulani Islamists have always been seen using costly hilux trucks, triumph tricycles, military armored tanks, sophisticated weapons, drones, military camouflage uniforms, food items, etcetera. All these doutlessly, cost millions of dollars thereby, raising serious curiosity about their sponsorship. The armory of these Islamic killers is presently more sophisticated than that of Nigeria and a couple of other Africa countries. Yet, the Nigerian government, Northern elders and Northern governors forum, all claim ignorance of the sources of all these things.

Despite the poverty rate ravaging Northern Nigeria with ninety percent (90℅) of the people living in less than one dollar per a day, the Boko Haram and herdsmen terrorist groups have at their disposals, seemingly limitless amount of heavy weaponry, ammunition, drones, vehicles, bombs, etcetara. The terrorists employ these to kill with unfathomable wantonness. They have never for a day ran out of food and their numbers keep on rising, not minding the soothing
news of deception being churned out by the Nigerian mendacious journalists.

How do these terrorists get their incomes? How do they get those vehicles and tricycles that they are using and which road/route do they access Sambisa forest? Who provided those military  camouflage uniforms they are wearing? Do they have companies and where are all these manufactured? Do they have food factories inside the so-called Sambisa forest? All these questions are really begging for answers from the Nigerian government which is undoubtedly complicit.

These terrorists on regular basis, make viral videos of their atrocities and are being fed large, lacking virtually nothing and yet, Nigerians see them to be spirits. We have heard and watched how they attacked military men and bombed Nigeria military base but how do they get information from the government and the military, remains a coded secret.

We have to tell ourselves the truth and stop all these self-deceptive/destructive games. The Nigerian Government, Northern Elders Forum, Arewa Youth and other concerned Associations and Organizations in Northern Nigeria should stop deceiving themselves. Some very critical questions need be answered if Nigerians really the truth is being treasured. One day and just one day, there will be the news that these Fulani Islamic killer elements have acquired private jets.

One-Nigeria is terribly a misnomer!

Written by Obulose Chidiebere N.

Edited by Domendu Emilia
For Family Writers Press International


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