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We All Have Our Moments

We All Have Our Moments One thing you must understand is that each and every one of us once believed in making Nigeria work again. We ea...

We All Have Our Moments

One thing you must understand is that each and every one of us once believed in making Nigeria work again. We earnestly hoped for her to rise to understand that we can't continue in this unworkable 'Federal Feeding Bottle system of government'. We asked that we be returned back to regional government, because it will not only reposition the economy of Nigeria, it will also help in getting rid of all manners of injustice and marginalization. It might not be perfect, but it will help. In regional system, secession is a stone throw.

The more we ask for these things, the more we are mocked. We are constantly told that no matter what we do, we can never rule Nigeria. We were told right into our faces that we will continue being slaves to the North.

It reached a time we started  discovering the truth one after another. Which is the fact that Nigeria is never meant to be one. These discovery was private and personal to so many of us.

Prior to 2015, I started questioning for real, the oneness of Nigeria. It became so strong that I needed nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Nigeria. Not too many people here knew that I have written a lot for RESTRUCTURING. Lots of us who have done that, now understand that it is completely not feasible. Anyone still on it is simply wasting time, just like I wasted time in those days writing on something that will never happen.

I believe that every body has his moment of discovery. Before 2015, there are persons that were seriously telling people that Nigeria is irredeemable, but they were not taken seriously. 2015 came, a lot of eyes were opened and millions said to hell with Nigeria. But some still believed that somehow, Nigeria will be redeemed. They kept preaching until 2019, they saw hell. Right before everybody, Fulani perfected the greatest rigging of all times. They removed the Chief Justice of Nigeria and used him to steal Imo State mandate. With this, many were awakened and they joined to say enough is enough.

We all have our moments, but for sure, there are people that know that Nigeria is irredeemable, yet they are still pretending under PDP vs APC. Please count these set of people as enemies. Stop trying to convince them. They already know the truth, but are in it for the money. The greatest money making machine in South East now is betrayal and sabotage of our people.

That is why you see people write against their own people, saying they are not Igbo, but Nigerians.

To all of you that have realised the truth already, keep moving higher. It is through you that other brothers will see the light.

Indeed, Nigeria has killed enough, and we must stop them this time and break the evil yoke.


Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher And Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.


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