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Ruth Kadiri: What Nigerian Actors And Actresses Must Know

Ruth Kadiri: What Nigerian Actors And Actresses Must Know Quite an appreciable number of Nigerian actors and actresses fully know what is ...

Ruth Kadiri: What Nigerian Actors And Actresses Must Know

Quite an appreciable number of Nigerian actors and actresses fully know what is happening around them but the issue remains that they are scared about speaking up. They very erroneously believe that the moment they speak the truth, they would possibly become government targets for persecution and elimination. People are being blindfolded with the saying: "You cannot fight government". The question then is: "Does speaking the truth, connotes fighting the government"?

If the government of any given day takes telling the truth as an offense against it, it then means that it's officials are entirely complicit and criminal. A popular saying has it that: "Clear conscience fears no accusation". The reason why any sane and people-oriented government should stand to come after anybody at all, revolves not saying the truth. No matter whatever the circumstance, it is necessary that we remain on the part of honesty, truthfulness and courage. All those who are in positions of trust should at all times, speak up against every act of heinous crime being perpetuated against the innocent. Such persons must not be concealing the truth to please a group of inconsequentials in a society that ought to be enlightened, humane and civil. It is because of lack of accountability and good conscience that has plunged virtually everybody into the present messy and seemingly irredeemable situation in Nigeria. People are being criminally subjugated by the agents of the powers that be and nobody seems to give a hoot about it. The vampiric spate of intimidation and suppression remains persistent, claiming innocent lives, to the shame of those who ought to put their knowledge to action.

This has persistently triggered off the abysmal retrogressive experience of today in every sphere. Supposedly, Nigerian actors and actresses ought to rank amongst the best globally, talentwise, and not be reeling in the fictitious glory of mediocrity. There is dearth of meaningful dedication and professionalism because of complacency, dishonesty and fear. They are being cajoled to play along in the muddy waters of deception and falsehood. The society in itself, is corrupt, giving birth to mediocres. For a proud crop of dependable professionals of the movie industry to emerge in Nigeria, they have to be seen as epitomes of honesty, truth and courage. They must be seen to be untaintedly civilized. Whether this is believed or not, the truth remains to be told.

Ruth Kadiri, a renowned actress, scriptwriter and movie producer, needs be highly commended for her spirited campaign statement for a boycott of all political parties' organized rallies due to their failed promises to the people. Mrs. Kadiri made this bold statement as a result of her displeasure to the whole political mess in the country. It has so terribly become disappointing, a norm to be condoned. This actress fully knows all that plays out and if not, would not take it as a burden. She rightly comprehends the inherent danger associated with such if her children particularly, amongst others, grow up amdist this despicably corrupt institution. Her voice could meaningfully stand in for the voiceless if the entirety of Nollywood as a corporate organization, made up of scriptwriters, movie producers, actors and actresses, could forcefully and boldly speak up to defend the truth.  You could not assuredly say that you cherish your loved ones/relatives while you daftly pay allegiance to the Fulani cabalistic government of Nigeria. This government derives fulfillment from corruption, terrorism, oppression and death. Their Islamic foot soldiers are daily, rampaging villages, raping/kidnapping women, dispossessing indigenous land owners of their inheritances and killing as many, at will. Home remains home and no matter what you claim to be enjoying in the city, you one day, must definitely go back to the village.

Biafrans particularly, both those within and outside the movie industry, are hereby obliged to put their acts together and courageously stand up against this prevailing trend of evil. The Fulani oligarchy does not mean well for you. Support the Biafra restoration project now for therein, lies your salvation and dignity as a people. This is the truth that cannot be alternated.

Written by Sunday Okafor

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International


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