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Africa: United Nations Silence Over The Extra-judicial Killing Of Biafrans, Reason For Self-Defence

United Nations Silence Over The Extra-judicial Killing Of Biafrans, Reason For Self-Defence In the struggle for survival and the quest f...

United Nations Silence Over The Extra-judicial Killing Of Biafrans, Reason For Self-Defence

In the struggle for survival and the quest for unfettered liberation from the tyrannical state of oppression, servitude and assassination being unleashed on the indigenous Biafran citizens, are what precipitated the activation of self-defence module as presently being adopted. All over the modern world, the interest of humanity is jealously being preserved but unfortunately in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, mass murder of indigenous citizens by the state, has become most fashionable.

The right to free protest, expression and association, is being blatantly infringed on. Laws and principles governing the right to existence as human beings in Nigeria are jettisoned and citizens callously criminalized for exercising such rights.

State-sponsored subjugation, terror and genocide have become applaudable hallmarks of the Nigerian government towards Biafrans. Prior to the civil war levied against Biafrans which commenced in 1967, there have been seasons of extra-judial massacres of Biafrans all over the country. These were occasionally carried out in a bid to completely wipe out the Biafran heritage and subdue every God-given right to freely live without fear.  Since the declaration of democracy in the country in 1999, the Nigerian government has ventured into a systematic state-sponsored genocidal drive against the citizens of Biafra.

First in the series of this despotism and cruelty, was the planned annihilation of the innocent, including women, children and the elderly in Odi community, Bayelsa state.  Properties worth billions of naira were wantonly destroyed by the Nigerian military on the orders of the then civilian President, Olusegun Obasanjo. This mayhem was engineered without any sign of an open war.  Camps for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), were set up by the same military that was deployed to wipe out the people. Young women, mothers and girls were criminally turned into sex slaves in exchange for food and water while the men were bluntly shot dead and thrown into the rivers. This act of genocide was suppressed by the Nigerian government to prevent media invasion/publication.

Subsequently, the quest for restoration of the nation of Biafra amidst various crimes committed against humanity by the state, triggered off series of peaceful demonstrations across Biafraland. The peaceful rallies really showcased to the global community, the vampiric antecedents of the Nigerian government. It broke it's own laws which permits fundamentally, the enthronement of the right of peaceful civil disobedience. On August 2016, the Nigerian security forces attacked the indigenous Biafran citizens at Aba where they were praying. In that particular occasion, over one hundred and fifty (150) persons were mowed down.

And up till date, no investigation of any panel of enquiry has been carried out to look into this murderous act by the Nigerian leadership.  At what level will this spate of inhumanity and violent killings get to before the rights of the Biafran people are protected by the civilized international community? In the year 2018, Biafran women were in their numbers, grievously brutalized and dehumanized by the Nigerian police while justly exercising their fundamental rights of peaceful protest against the cacophony of extra-judicial killings of their men and youths. Over one hundred (100) of these women and mothers were roundly arrested and detained amidst victimization in Owerri prison. The world and the main stream media kept sealed lips and turned blind eyes to all theses.

With the persistent silence of complicity by the United Nations and Human Right Organizations in the light of the foregoing atrocious treatments, the Nigerian police felt emboldened to unleash yet another round of mayhem.  On Sunday 23rd August 2020, twenty one (21) innocent, peaceful, unarmed Biafran young men, were gruesomely murdered in cold blood at Emene - Enugu, Biafraland, while they were having a prayer meeting in an enclosure.

There was virtually no provocation of any sort when well armed security team (Joint Task Force - JTF) swooped on them and opened fire.  At the altar of nepotism and conquest, the bloods of innocent Biafrans were yet again unjustly spilled.  Shall Biafrans then continually remain the sacrificial lambs for the elusive unity of a disproportionate Nigerian state? Shall Biafrans always be killed for peace that is bereft of justice and equity? Shall Biafrans helplessly fold their hands and be watching while being forcefully dispossessed of their ancestral heritage by strangers?

While the global authorities and salient human right organizations remain complicit in these morbid developments, the Biafran people have only one potent and just option even globally legalized, to counter all these.   And this veritable option is the instantaneous adoption of self-defense which has already been activated.

Biafran lives and inheritances must have to be protected and preserved.  The right to self-defence which the Nigerian government is a signatory to, as explicitly enshrined in the laws of the United Nations, must have to be invoked. No longer shall the Biafran people loose any of their own in the hands of the Nigerian government cum Fulani Islamists without reprisals. This is the time to prove that point.

Written by ACC.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International


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