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Countdown To 1st October 2020 Independence Anniversary (Part 3)

 Countdown To 1st October 2020 Independence Anniversary (Part 3) We must have unanimously come to terms with reality from the import of the ...

 Countdown To 1st October 2020 Independence Anniversary (Part 3)

We must have unanimously come to terms with reality from the import of the last two articles,  which descriptively stated that democracy had long ago been beheaded in Nigeria. On daily basis, people are being bombarded with lies that "youths are the leaders of tomorrow". Yes, that is true but not in Nigeria. It is a blatant deceit and well-intended methodology aimed at keeping the Nigerian youths who were once described by President Buhari as "lazy youths" on a long time wait till they go to their graves. 

This is the reason why in Nigeria today, we see aged, mentally lopsided and grey-haired individuals at their 70s, and 80s, controlling most of the country's  lucrative and delicate sectors and even contesting for major political offices, thereby holding the county's growth and development hostage. Whilst the able-bodied and productive youthful graduates continue to carry their files roaming the streets in search of jobs that never existed.

Today, those who are aspiring to join politics can be used as thugs at their very youthful ages and can only consider becoming future Presidents or whatever political offices they crave for. Instead of giving the said positions to them at their youths, the "over-spent forces" choose to give it to them at their 90s. They rather give it to the dead, just like President Muhammadu Buhari did in 2017 when six (6) out of his thirty six (36) main listed candidates for ministerial positions had long kicked the bucket.

As a youth, you manage to get employed in a private firm or starts a sole business of yours, the government will turn around to impose heavy taxation on you to ensure your incomes go down the drain within the shortest possible time. Sometimes workers have to embark on indefinite strikes before their salaries are paid. Are we not fed-up with the One-Nigeria mantra?

The grey-haired, old politicians do not talk about minimum wages because minimum wages are for those "lazy youths" according to President Muhammadu Buhari. They talk about wardrobe allowances, housing allowances, kitchen allowances and so on which are worth billions of naira but the youths on "small skill employments" are there  grumbling for the payment of their minimum wages. This is what the bible described as "strong man sitting on your throne." 

Let every tribe in Nigeria unite themselves and pull out of this "strong man" captivity called Nigeria. It has not worked and will never ever work because the foundation was embedded on evil and falsehood. So, the youths that are being referred to as the leaders of tomorrow have absolutely no hope in Nigeria but rather, the aged. And because they are too old, their mental capacity have become so degenerated and unproductive. 

They do not want to die, they do not want to lead well and still, they do not want to retire. They have denied us our way to the top but have unwittingly helped us to chart the very course of doing our wishes to get to the top. Let us therefore dissolve this British evil contraption so that each tribe will have to make judicious use of their own portions. 

Through this medium therefore, all Biafrans should heed the clarion call of the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), for a total "Sit-At-Home" today being 1st October 2020, to strongly drive home our demand for freedom. By this means, we will prove to them that we are the real owners of the land. We determine what we do, when we do it and how we do it.

Those gluttonous, pot bellied state "governors" that derive pleasure in getting salutations from our school children during march-pasts on the so-called Nigeria Independence day will henceforth, know that IPOB is the real owners of the entire Biafran territory. It definitely can never be the same again. 

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Domendu Emilia

For Family Writers Press International


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