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IPOB Civil Disobedience: Countdown To 1st October Independence Day Sit-At-Home Across Biafraland (Part 1)

 Nigeria: Countdown To 1st October Independence Day Sit-At-Home Across Biafraland (Part 1) Biafrans by every intent, have over the years, be...

 Nigeria: Countdown To 1st October Independence Day Sit-At-Home Across Biafraland (Part 1)

Biafrans by every intent, have over the years, been subjected to huge and wide scale of marginalization, brutalization and killing, with our mothers/sisters raped by both the "uniformed and ununiformed" Nigerian security men (terrorists) especially, of Fulani extraction. These acts have been on even before the flag independence of 1960. The 1914 amalgamation which culminated on the 1st of October 1960 independence, forcefully brought all ethnic nationalities together albelt illegally by the British government that used it as a gateway to access our God-given abundant rich natural resources. Biafrans have all these years, managed to navigate through, enduring much more during these past years of tortuous journey, victoriously ascertaing their humanness, existence, resilience,  self-worth, ingenuity and survival against all odds. 

The fact remains that all those who yet have their hope hinging on "One-Nigeria" mantra for a better/fulfilling future may have had their thinking faculty very terribly damaged. Their thinking that the spilled blood of over five million innocent Biafran men, women, children and even the elderly hacked to death by the Nigerian government between 1967 and 1970 will ever go in vain, is sickly maddening. The "One-Nigerianists" should really step into "reality world" and face the consequences of their sins. Every developmental stride of past sixty years have hit the rocks.

For sixty (60) good years, there remains absolutely nothing to show forth except hydra-corruption, confusion, terrorism, death, stinking poverty, nepotism, political thuggery, deception and falsehood. A country that claims to be independent cannot boast of 24/7 uninterrupted electricity supply, no good roads, no good healthcare delivery, no jobs, no valuable infrastructural developments, there is dearth of law and order, no accountability of public office holders to the citizenry, public servants are shamelessly being owed and even the pensioners in their numbers are being paupersized and are steadily dying. Graduates turn out from schools, roaming about the streets in search of jobs. Youths unemployment and unrest are astronomically growing. Avoidable  fatal accidents dot the roads due to dilapidation. Families are daily grieving for the lost of their loved ones to terror-related deaths, diseases/sicknesses and hunger, with no definitive solutions in sight.

Nigeria is irredeemable because her problems are only superficially dressed and not fundamentally addressed. The powers that be do not in anyway, want the status quo to be thinkered with. This evil root has it's strength right from the deceitful amalgamation policy of 1914 put in place by Fredrick Lugard and Flora Shaw, his girlfriend. Therefore, the problem that has bedeviled the country is quite older and alien created. Nigeria is abysmally descending into oblivion via disintegration. How reasonably justified can someone born in 1940 solve a problem that he knows absolutely nothing about even yet, under the yoke of colonialism?

Presently, Nigeria is ranked the seventh (7th) in the global population growth index and first (1st) in Africa and developmentally, is  unfortunately down the stream, far below countries that do not even have the volume of rich natural resources at their disposals like Nigeria. Nigeria occupies the third (3rd) position after Agfanistan and Iran as the world's most terrorized nation. This is so because her problems are far gone beyond meaningful solution and cannot be sorted out as a result of the Fulani cabals in charge of the government. No sane individual or group of persons would like to drown with a sinking ship when there exists lifelines or alternative escape routes. This is the right time for Biafrans to exit into safety and freedom.

Biafrans must come together and expeditiously utilize the only avenue made available for their survival. "Exit Nigeria now"! It is a name associated with evil, significantly connoting failure and slavery. There is nothing that can be gained remaining therein except retrogression, despondency, death and destruction. Nigeria is a name coined by the British colonialsts from River Niger for the massaging of their selfish interests. That is why her leadership behave abnormally like headless fishes. Their originality is grossly tainted and cannot live as civilized, normal beings. For this reason, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), emerged on the scene equipped to confront these "enemies" with aquatic/animalistic  instincts that are opposed to superior reasoning. Things need be corrected and drastically too for the survival of the "blessed children of God".

First (1st) October, another marked day is fast approaching. Therefore remember that schools across Biafraland must not march.

Sit-At-Home is the order!

Written by Ifeanyi James Chibueze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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