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51 Years After The War, Nigeria Government Is Still Killing And Kidnapping Biafrans

 51 Years After The War, Nigeria Government Is Still Killing And Kidnapping Biafrans T here is nothing the Nigeria government has not done t...

 51 Years After The War, Nigeria Government Is Still Killing And Kidnapping Biafrans

There is nothing the Nigeria government has not done to keep Nigeria one. They have killed and lied to the world that all is well, whereas people are dying in Nigeria. Nigeria first went into chaos just barely 6 years after independence in 1960. Some young soldiers had carried out a coup. Something majority of Nigerians termed a Nigeria revolution. It was a collection of soldiers from different parts of Nigeria that executed the coup.

BBC Hausa was already broadcasting as at that time. 'Igbo coup', they called it. They told the uneducated Northerners that the coup was a ploy by Igbos to take over Nigeria. The British government at the time of independence, ensured that the leadership of the new country rest on the hands of the Fulani. The North had seriously protested that they are not ready for independence prior to 1960. Some analysts maintained that it is for the benefit of the British government that the country be kept in the hands of the Northerners than in the hands of the educated South. 

The impoverishment of the people to be called Nigeria will be gainful to Britain. Reason the British colonial masters went on to rig both elections and the population census; instituting corruption into the political system in Nigeria. Something the Fulani hold onto till this very day. Have you thought about it? That Africa is rich in natural resources, yet remains the poverty center of the world. Britain would rather encourage looting among Nigeria leaders, only to send aid to Nigeria. 'Robbing Peter to pay Paul.'

The incitement led by BBC started bearing fruit, when Northern soldiers regrouped and carried out a counter-coup, killing the then Head of state. It could have been termed an eye for an eye, since they killed the then military Head of State, Aguiyi Ironsi (Igbo), in retaliation against the first coup plotters who killed Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. They went further with their barbarism. Some Eastern officers serving in the North were gathered. They were about 300 soldiers. 

They were all rounded up and killed in a Northern Barack. When there are no more soldiers of Eastern extraction to kill, the blood thirsty Northern Soldiers and their mob descended on the innocent Eastern civilians residing and doing business in the North, and slaughtered almost all of them. More than 50,000 people were killed and bodies littered on the streets of Northern Nigeria. People that made it alive came home completely battered. Some came home without some body parts, while some returned home with the heads or fingers of their loved ones for burial.

This opened the door for the eventual war in1967.  That is after Yakubu Gowon, the then Nigeria Head of State, was persuaded to jettison the Aburi Accord. BBC propaganda machinery accused Gowon of finally bowing to Ojukwu. That was their description of the Aburi Agreement that would have saved millions of lives. The description wounded the ego of the northerners. The agenda of Britain was obvious. 

The Aburi Accord will give power back to the Easterners to rule themselves. Something Britain abhor totally. A power in their hands will mean that the people will take over their resources. Remember that during the war, Biafrans took charge of everything in their land. From drilling oil to refining it, Biafra was positioned as the fastest growing country in terms of technological innovations. The three year old war exposd the fears of Britain against the people of Biafra. Some people have asked why Britain hates to see Biafra freedom, and I have not failed to tell them that it is the ingenuity and natural endowment of Biafra that place Britain against her. The freedom of Biafra means Britain stands to lose a lot.

One would have thought Nigeria leaders should have reconciled the country after that war. But no, they have been fighting to subjugate the people that were Biafrans in 1967 to 1970, and to make sure they never rise up again. The motto of One Nigeria became 'Never allow Biafrans rise again'. Lots of atrocities have been perpetrated against Biafrans by Nigeria government. 

Marginalisation is already an old tune among many things Nigeria has done to this people. There is no Federal Government presence in the entire East. With the numerous seas in Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Ugwuta, Calabar, Akwibom, Bayelsa, Opobo and Azumiri, Nigeria government have made sure no cargo lands there. Biafrans being the widely traveled, still can't fly abroad from their own region.

Military schools and training grounds are all in the North. Just recently, Nigeria borrowed money for infrastructural development, and removed South East as a Beneficiary of the railway to be constructed. Same Nigeria have already concluded plans to construct Railway all the way from the northern Kastina state all the way to Niger Republic. 

There were killings of about 50 MASSOB members in Anambra State some years ago; and their bodies dropped in Ezu River. Till today, no one has told the world what exactly happened to those 50 youths. That it happened under Peter Obi's watch, is still a sign that Nigeria politicians, irrespective of their tribe are despicable.

Again, they arrested Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, kept him in prison for 2 years, killed and incarcerated numerous of his followers.

Nigeria government expect Biafrans to do nothing as they are killed and marginalized. But Biafrans have refused to accept slavery and intimidation. The news  from Igweocha in Rivers state, today 1st October 2020 is disturbing. Nigeria security operatives, it was reported, are moving from house to house arresting IPOB members and taking them to an unknown location. 

How Nigeria government thinks arresting people sitting in their homes will keep Nigeria One is the 9th wonder of the world. The fact that they go after peaceful Biafrans in their various homes, leaving their deadly Fulani herdsmen brothers to keep killing people is unimaginable and shows that Nigeria should never have been a country.

Written By Elochukwu Ohagi

(A Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.


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