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Africa: Dismantling Of Nigeria Has Just Started

According to the  headline, " it is time to Unbundle  Nigeria", On Nation Newspaper May have been a piece planted by Britain  as k...

According to the  headline, " it is time to Unbundle Nigeria", On Nation Newspaper May have been a piece planted by Britain  as kite flying to test the the nations mood. Billions of dollar poured into Rivers State and most given to Wike was meant to buy over the delta chiefs and their leader's silence,   in preparatory to bulkanizated the old South East  region.

The wedge being driven between  Yoruba and Igbos now,  are all orchestrated to achieve the same goal .

Are you surprised, that the Fulani now want to move Lagos sea port to Rivers state? Yoruba blackmail??
But you know who holds the last say:The people and the referendum .
The Nigeria politicians are all imperiled right now, watching their loots being relooked by their constituencies. One of the people said : “ I am not a thief, I am taking what belongs to me”
Gov Onyeso Ezenwa Nwike and wife Eberechi 
N. Wike says they are not Igbo,while Chibuike Amaechi  said he is Igbo  blood.

Note that Gov Nwike's Mother's name is Nlemeanya Nwike . All Igbo names.

The Governor Of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed  said on national TV that all the Fulani in Africa are related, their home land is Nigeria and they will relocate some of them to Rivers state but nobody paid attention  .

That tells you all you need to know.
When will  the south east leaders playing ostriches and willful ignorance  get sense?

The core Igbo politicians are both confounded and confused ,and the coming change will even be more dizzying and disorienting .

When you see these signs,   Know that Biafra is here. All you see going on now are negotiating tools and leverage by the British guided North to maximize their access to Biafra oil and sea ports when the dismantling of Nigeria is finally completed .
Governor Wike does not even know it !

Dr Alphonsus Okoli, FACP.,USA

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