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Governor Wike's Cowardice And The Hatred For His People

 Governor Wike's Cowardice And The Hatred For His People In his statewide broadcast of Friday 23rd October 2020, the Rivers State Execut...

 Governor Wike's Cowardice And The Hatred For His People

In his statewide broadcast of Friday 23rd October 2020, the Rivers State Executive Governor, Barrister Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike, placed proscription on the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) within the state. He further declared one Mr. Stanley Mgbere wanted with a fifty million naira (N50,000,000) bounty placed for any information that will lead to his arrest. Wike also stated that anyone found affiliated to IPOB activities in the state, would face prosecution.

Who or what really constitutes IPOB? The acronym "IPOB" means the Indigenous People of Biafra. In order wards, IPOB is the people and the people is IPOB. This fact is indisputably established by heaven and if one may ask: Why must Wike who until now has never publicly made any pronouncement or blatantl/openly condemned police brutality except when directly touched by their venom, so hurriedly came on air to bold-facedly proscribe IPOB and place such a whooping sum as a bounty on the head of Mr. Stanley Mgbere? The case of Chima Ekwunado who got  murdered in police detention, is yet fresh in the memory of the good people of Rivers State.

Meanwhile, the marauding Fulani killer herdsmen are unabatedly unleashing mayhem on the citizens of the state. People are being gruesomely killed on successive basis without recourse. The question behind the mysterious killing of a governorship aspirant on the platform of People's Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019 who was Governor Wike's opponent, has remained unanswered till date. Is there really nothing sinister being hidden from Rivers people about this?

Recently, the Fulani Islamic terrorists carried out an attack at Iriebe-Obigbo town. With glaring impunity, they invaded homes, killing and raping many, with the Nigerian soldiers deployed from Bori camp in Port Harcourt, providing cover. These vagabonds brag about it on social media even and promise repetition without consequences from the state government.

Governor Wike despite all these madness against his own people coupled with other intelligence reports at his disposal, has not yet deemed it fit as the claimed number one security officer of the state, to decisively take punitive measures that will provide adequate security for the citizens under his jurisdiction. Rather, he quickly went on air to slam laughable proscription order on a people that have stood by him even at the very cost of their lives since the inception of his administration. This exhibited act of cowardice cannot be alienated from crass egocentric political interest with an eye on the office of Vice Presidential position under another Northern Fulani ruler come 2023.

The same Wike that has berated Rivers State traditional rulers for unethical offences has bowed down to the Sultan of Sokoto and other Imams for their Islamic political blessings. He of course has to do their biddings by his "acquired baptism of strength" against his own people. All these things that are presently playing out sum up to a show of shame and cowardice of a trusted man.

"Governor Nyesom Wike has through this action of his, despised his birthright" and it is all over!

Written by Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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