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Nigeria: People In Panic Mood As Fully Loaded Hilux Vans With Armed Security Forces Arrive Obigbo, Rivers State

 Nigeria: People In Panic Mood As Fully Loaded Hilux Vans With Armed Security Forces Arrive Obigbo, Rivers State O bigbo is the headquarters...

 Nigeria: People In Panic Mood As Fully Loaded Hilux Vans With Armed Security Forces Arrive Obigbo, Rivers State

Obigbo is the headquarters Town of Obigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State. It is a boarder town situated between Rivers and Abia State, both of which are in Biafraland. It is exceptionally known for it's peaceful and tranquil nature, with thriving business activities, etcetera. Recently, the once peaceful and hospitable town witnessed quite a few number of restiveness occasioned by the activities of the Nigerian over-zealous security operatives especially the Nigerian police. A structure belonging to Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was touched, a van set ablaze and an officer reportedly killed by unknown gunmen on the night of Wednesday 30th September, 2020.

This kind of well coordinated attack is not peculiar in this part of Biafraland and based on the degree of embarrassment/harassment being meted on the innocent, unarmed citizens by the security forces, definitely calls for questioning. Biafrans are being subjected to varying degrees of difficulties, making the entire town volatilely unpredictable. There is heightened tension and insecurity in the land as the armed security personnel in their numbers, unleash terror on the peaceful town dwellers. This scenario undoubtedly creates the avenue for terrorists under the cloak of Nigerian security (army and police), to take advantage of the situation to perpetrate a well plotted sinister agenda against the people.

It therefore requires punitive measure of unbiasness and professionalism to be able to fish out the actual culprits that carried out the attack rather than wrongfully accusing, arresting and detaining innocent citizens. Nigeria has so degenerated a place of decency, law and order, where profesdional  ethics are never esteemed in matters like these. Corruption is on the increase with every segment of the society even the security architecture, grossly compromised.

And because of rising cases of insecurity and uncertainties as being daily witnessed in other parts of the country, the Obigbo residents definitely have causes for concern. This is coupled with the influx of heavily armed joint security forces brought into the town on over forty (40) hilux vans. There exists tension, despair and palpable fear because the Nigerian security forces are known for their trigger-happiness when it comes to their dealings with unarmed, peace abiding civilian populace.

Reports from the correspondent of Family Writers Press International that carried out investigations of the evolving security issues in Obigbo town, confirmed the catastrophic atmosphere gradually enveloping the area. People are fleeing the town for fear of been caught in the web of eventualities from the gun-trotting security agents. Biafrans are therefore all advised to thread cautiously and avoid night movements. There is uneasy peace currently in Obigbo with the massive concentration of these unpredictable security officers flooding everywhere.

The Nigerian armed forces should equally note too that Biafrans have not been known for violence and should be allowed to enjoy their peace. The security personnel should avoid rashness but must professionally dig deep into unearthing the actual perpetrators that violently visited the SARS office. They should clinically avoid stirring the "hornest nests" in order not to provoke an unprecedented breakdown of law and order. Biafrans are non-violent and Obigbo town has long been known for it's tranquility. Peace should not be alternated with Nigerian security forces orchestrated violence or uprising..

Written by Ogah C.S Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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