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The Emergence Of Post-EndSars Hitler Governor

 The Emergence Of Post-EndSars Hitler Governor It is grievously shocking to millions of internet users globally, to learn of the disgusting ...

 The Emergence Of Post-EndSars Hitler Governor

It is grievously shocking to millions of internet users globally, to learn of the disgusting human rights violations emanating from Rivers State. There has been disturbing heinous acts being officially perpetrated against the citizens who supposedly ought to have constitutionally been protected. It is disheartening to learn of the Rivers State Governor's order given to the military to fish out the "hoodlums" that orchestrated some acts of violence in Obigbo town particularly during the nationwide #Endsars protests spontaneously carried out by Nigerian youths. 

In a situation where an elected governor hands out a draconian order to the military against the rights of innocent citizens, lives much to be desired. People are being hunted down, humiliated with varying degrees of torture, arrested and shot dead on regular basis under the guise of trying to search and recover weapons carted away by the demonstrators, is genocidally wicked and callous. The mayhem in Obigbo calls for the concern of all people of good conscience because the genocidal onslaught is most disgusting and dehumanizing. 

It is really difficult to conclude that a once people-admired/friendly governor in the person of Barrister Nyesom Wike, can authorize the level of havoc being committed by the Nigerian soldiers against innocent civilians. The scenario well portrays the activities of an encaged creature down the well that has all this while, been searching for an opportunity to unleash it's destructive act of terror. It should be stated too that this maximum power being do welded will someday, plunge humanity into a mortal struggle for it's survival.

Hitler and Joseph Stalin were in their lifetimes always considered the most monstrously wicked and maximum murderers. This twosome broke the  Guinness book of record in their crude killings of fellow humans and such mythical figures unfortunately, seem to have gotten their incarnate even in this 21st century.

It is honestly difficult to believe that the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, a refined lawyer, democrat and human rights advocate, could play the Hitler in our midst, developing the features of a tyrant against the same people that have so much cherished and supported him during his trying periods of electioneering campaigns, even at the prize of their lives. Such mythical figures in the mold of Hitler and Stalin had emerged in all cultures and centuries for real and were clearly spotted by history for their awful legacies. 

The Nigerian youths in Obigbo, Rivers State, were not the only protesters involved in the nationwide #EndSars revolution. It is unfortunate that people died and properties worth fortunes, destroyed. But it is only in Rivers State that a civilian governor has called up the military both on air and on land to invade people's homes, kill at random and set houses ablaze. Why such a treatment from a democratically elected governor against his people?

This is not the right way to say THANK YOU to those who have stood by you through thick and thin. Governor Wike terribly erred through the evaluation of the ongoing bloodletting, harassment, torture and destruction visited on the innocent residents of Obigbo by the Nigerian army whose personnel were drafted in via executive order.

May God Take Control!

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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