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Beware Of Isiguzoro And Cohorts On 2023 Igbo Presidency Fraud – Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) WARNS

Beware Of Isiguzoro And Cohorts On 2023 Igbo Presidency Fraud – Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) WARNS •Appeals To Yoruba Monarchs, Leaders To A...

Beware Of Isiguzoro And Cohorts On 2023 Igbo Presidency Fraud – Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) WARNS

•Appeals To Yoruba Monarchs, Leaders To Avoid Isiguzoro & Co

The National President of Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka has called for caution against one impersonator and gangs of fraudsters using the pseudo name ‘Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide’ to defraud politicians in Yoruba land and other parts of Northern Nigeria.  

Comrade Igboayaka while addressing newsmen in Enugu on Thursday 12,  October 2020, following a recent press statement issued by one Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro and Okwu Nnabuike noted that the duo has since become impostors hiding behind a non-existent group called ‘Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide’ to hoodwink and deceive Yoruba politicians and the general public, especially after their expulsion by the leadership caucus of our parent body, Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Chief John Nnia Nwodo.

Igboayaka noted that the so-called Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide which Mr. Okechukwu Isiguzoro and Okwu Nnabuike parade as its President-General and Secretary, respectively, was formed by few microscopic political element whose greed and insatiable quest to enrich themselves has driven them into engaging in fraudulent negotiations for 2023 presidency of Igbo extraction.

Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC) wish to alert Ndigbo in particular and the general public at large to be wary of the antics and shenanigans of Mazi Okechukwu Isigusoro and cohorts whom are hugely funded by political enemies of Ndigbo to pursue an ulterior agenda and mischievous objectives against the overall interest of Ndigbo.

OYC, therefore, appeal to Yoruba, Northern monarchs, youths organizations and politicians that the publication made by Okechukwu Isiguzoro and cohorts on national newspapers concerning their purported political tour to meet Yoruba monarchs and other political office holders is a calculated plan to defraud them. He has been engaged and funded by one political profiteers who is interested in 2023 presidency and has no mandate to speak or negotiate for Ndigbo.

Okechukwu Isiguzoro as a megalomaniac, psychopathic and insatiable fellow is ready to go at any length to satisfy his paymasters in order to ensure that his daily bread is guaranteed. Therefore, the Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) wishes to state categorically that the press statement published by both print, social/electronic media issued by Isiguzoro with the name “Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide”, stating presidential tour to Yoruba monarchs and leaders is nothing but a political scam.

OYC stressed that Mr. Isiguzoro’s claims to have received invitation from Yoruba monarchs are pure lies, blackmail and an insult to Yoruba sacred traditional institutions and authorities.

At this juncture, we therefore inform the general public and Ndigbo in particular that henceforth, any release or statement issued or signed by Mr Okechukwu Isiguzoro, Mr. Okwu Nnabuike and their cohorts should be ignored and treated as one coming from an impostor who has sold his conscience to feed from the crumbs of the unscrupulous politicians.


Comrade ThankGod Emeh

Special Assistant On New Media To The National President, Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC).

November 12, 2020

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