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Is The 21st Century Britain Bereft Of The Likes Of William Wilberforce? (Part 2)

 Is The 21st Century Britain Bereft Of The Likes Of William Wilberforce? (Part 2) Very unfortunately so and in less than a century, after th...

 Is The 21st Century Britain Bereft Of The Likes Of William Wilberforce? (Part 2)

Very unfortunately so and in less than a century, after the effective and total abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, another set of British government  officials and merchants, introduced yet another subtle but more demonic slavery policy  known as the "Amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria" in the year, 1914. Eversince the amalgamation of these nations with totally irreconcilable differences premised on sheer economic interests of Britain, the Nigeria of British dream and manipulation has pitiably become the land of horrific bloodbath, genocide, rape, terrorism, ethno-religious cleansing and sustained extermination agenda. 

The victims of these horrendous atrocities have remained people of the same region, between Bight of Biafra and Bight of Benin from where more than forty million men, women and children were kidnapped and sold into slavery during the obnoxious and grossly dehumanizing Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Between 1914 and 1970, more than five million Biafrans were gruesomely massacred on the altar of "One-Nigeria" primarily for Britain's selfish economic interests. From 1970 up till date, hundreds of thousands of innocent Biafrans have so far been murdered  through the employment of various satanic ploys/policies, government-sponsored outfits and Islamic terrorist organizations  such as Fulani herdsmen militia, in order to achieve their agenda of enslavement and extermination of Biafrans from their indigenous lands. 

While the various British governments over the years appear brazenly determined in their support and encouragement of the subjugation, enslavement, exploitation and extermination of Biafrans even in this 21st century, one is then constrained to unmistakeably ask whether the British citizens are really unaware of these prevalent atrocious crimes. Do the British citizens acquiesce to these their government's demonic roles, the unspeakable/despicable acts of man's inhumanity to man?

If Thomas Clarkson were to be alive today, would he not get enlisted for another essay writing competition at Cambridge University with the title: "Is It Lawful To Force Any Indigenous Nation Or People To Belong To A Country Against Their Wills? In 1785, Thomas Clarkson pointedly highlighted the horrors of slavery in his writing in Latin essay competition titled: "Is It Lawful To Makes Slaves Of Others Against Their Will? The British government's policies in Nigeria can best be described as "making Biafrans slaves of the Fulanis against their (Biafrans') wills". The policies are much worse than the stated.

Is the current British House of Commons expecting Olauda Equiano (1745-1797), that Biafran who was kidnapped at the young age of eleven years and sold as a slave to a British naval officer but  subsequently bought his freedom to recreate his letter "To The Lords Spiritual And Temporal And The Commons Of The Parliament Of Great Britain", and to excite in members, their good conscience and consciousness that the British policies in Nigeria are purely designed to have Biafrans exterminated?

Just as Olauda Equiano dropped the name Gustavus Vassa given to him by his slavemaster because it reminded him of forced separation from his root; the loss of his parents and his sister with whom he was kidnapped and the horrific misery inflicted on his people. He picked up his native name to reunite with his root at least mentally and spiritually, as well as make an eternal imprint on humanity, the beauty of the culture of his people. Hence, Biafrans unreservedly and eternally reject the name "Nigeria" imposed on them by the British government through the era of Fredrick Lugard and Flora Shaw. The name "Nigeria", is evil epitomized and portends destruction, bloodbath and death. The latest reminders of institutionalized evil includes the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre of 20th of October 2020 and that of Obigbo that ensued.

As Olauda Equiano bought his freedom, so have Biafrans made the supreme sacrifices also for their freedom. The lives of more than five million people snuffed out by Nigeria in connivance with Britain on the altar of "One-Nigeria", from 1945 till the year, 2020, are of great concern to all sane minds. Their blood cries ceaselessly for an end to such sacrifices. One-Nigeria means more bloodbath, deaths and misery. To be oblivious of this fact is to accept ingloriously, that the over five million Biafrans (men, women, children and even the elderly), died in vain; and that Reverend Jonathan Ambache and Father M. Riddle who died in Biafraland while saving Biafran children from starvation on the 29th of July 1968, also died in vain. That will so be, if this 21st century Britain is devoid of the likes of William Wilberforce.

Written by Iheukwumere Uche

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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