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Nigeria: Bloody Revolution In The Horizon

 Nigeria: Bloody Revolution In The Horizon It only takes a spark to ignite the flames of revolution. As the spirit of changes sweeps through...

 Nigeria: Bloody Revolution In The Horizon

It only takes a spark to ignite the flames of revolution. As the spirit of changes sweeps through the Middle East and all around other continents with Africa exempted, we need to be reminded of the struggles against oppression that has marked the human condition throughout history. The human spirit is difficult to extinguish.

Many revolutions emerged out of the desire for self-determination, to break away from a larger and more powerful imperialist State, to break the chain of autocratic government, to correct political anomalies in the State and so on. The American revolution is a perfect example, establishing the concept of self-determination which European imperialist powers would eventually come to agree with. This in turn, led to the independence of former colonies, with or without bloodshed. So the British agreed to the independence of India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The French fought to control Algeria and Indo-Chinese possessions but would ultimately be forced to surrender these territories.

The prevailing view of white imperialist States was that the inhabitants of colonial possessions in Africa and Asia were not capable of self-governing. There was a paternalistic sense that these territories required guidance and leadership. This gave way to a recognition of the right to self-determination. This was replicated in Europe itself, as former Soviet States fought for their independence resulting in revolutionary movements such as the Polish Solidarity movement and the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, both were peaceful revolutions.

The 4th June 1979 Ghana revolution led by FIight Lieutant Jerry Rawlings was another perfect example; it arose out of a combination of corruption, bad governance, frustration among the general public and lack of discipline and frustrations from the Ghanaian army. One thing is certain, revolutions have given the world the principles which today we hold as central to our concept of civilization. The French Revolution cost the lives of a million people, one in twenty of the French population at the time. For the Russian and Chinese revolutions, the death toll was more like one in ten. The Russian revolution and it's subsequent enshrinement of Communism at the heart of a world superpower had a further detrimental effect beyond the actual loss of life. It led to fifty years of cold war in which the entire world was forced to divide between East and West. The arms race between Russia and America brought the world to the brink of nuclear holocaust.

I must tell you the same is coming to Nigeria with full force and the political elites are handling it with kid gloves. Looking around you, you will see how it is gathering momentum, you will see it on the face of every Nigerian youths. it is boldly showing on everybody that has endured the frustration of Nigeria and her political cannibalists, the force is on the South, worst on the west, which is already existing in the North with the rising of Boko Haram.

But the funny part of it is that the Nigeria political leaders are not concerned about the everyday happenings and the unfolding events in Nigeria today. It started like a joke with what we called #EndSARS protest, but the leaders have gone back to their beds, snoring as usual, thinking they have quenched the protests not knowing that they have only fuelled it. The most disturbing part of this is that the type of leaders and political vampires we have care less of all this, all of them are after 2023 election and how to arm the youths to kill themselves and secure the post for them, but when this revolution comes, it will start from them.

I repeat, I am foreseeing very devastating and bloody revolution coming into Nigeria, the revolution that will be the worst ever in Africa, the revolution that will overrun Nigeria political leaders and their families, the revolution that will tell the Nigeria political leaders that you can fool people but not always, revolution that shape the mentality of African people, a revolution that will change Africa from being the most wretched and backward continent in the world, a revolution that will change the attitudes and mentality of African leaders, the revolution that will be bloody, but it must come. It is an assurance, it is not a threat.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International


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