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The Inclination Of Terror On The Indigenous citizens Of Nigeria

 The Inclination Of Terror On The Indigenous citizens Of Nigeria With constant threat to the lives of the Indigenous citizens entrapped in t...

 The Inclination Of Terror On The Indigenous citizens Of Nigeria

With constant threat to the lives of the Indigenous citizens entrapped in this contraption named Nigeria and the increase of terror activities ravaging the Nigerian geographical space ranging from Boko Haram, ISIS, Fulani Miyetti Allah terrorists, Fulani bandits, the Nigerian Military, the Nigerian Police, the Department of State Security (DSS), coupled with the heinous activities of the Nigerian Governors, show without reservation that Nigeria is a breeding ground for terrorism and impunity in the eyes of the world. This needs to be dismantled for the safety of the inhabitants and the world at large.

The Lekki genocide of 20th of October 2020 and the ongoing Obigbo genocide on the civilian population within the Nigerian state, clearly forms reflective samples  of acts of terrorism being perpetrated daily, by the Nigerian Government through the instrumentality of it's agents of darkness in the armed forces,  against the  citizens without provocations. The right to freedom of Protest thus, as stipulated in the Nigerian Constitution has been demonized, malpracticed and manipulated to suit the collective selfishness of  the  Nigerian presidency. Freedom to protest however, has been baptized to being an act of war/ activities of hoodlums thereby paving the way for the Nigerian soldiers to proudly or vehemently shoot live bullets at unarmed civilians demanding for good governance. 

The above brutal indice has imbided fear of the unknown, as the masses now believe that none has the right to live  dependently as a citizen unless that which is decided by the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The unfortunate dictatorship in a democratic government has been in practice,  by the powers that be to the extent that Freedom of Association, Speech and Right To Protest freely, have been despicably criminalized to acts of coup d'etat against the Nigerian government/ presidency. 

The impunity of the government has been sustained and craved as norms because majority choose to be silent especially the clegymen, International Bodies, International Human Rights Organizations, the United Nations, the African union and Representatives of world Ambassadors to Nigeria. The world dramatically seems to turn a blind eye in the selective and collective extermination of Biafrans in Nkpor, Igwuocha, Onitsha, Emene and the recent Obigbo genocides. The silence of the International Community over the imposed act of terror by the Nigerian government on the citizens, emboldened the government to foster more terror on the Nigerian people as seen in the peaceful #EndSarsProtests with the military executing unarmed Nigerian youths at Lekki and Obigbo at will.

The unprovoked killings of the Nigerian people have always been masterminded by the leadership but will definitely have consequential  reprisal attacks by the citizens. The International Community should understand it and know that from every action, comes reactions. In order to avoid extreme human casualties, which will definitely degenerate to total war as people resort to self defense, yet remains paramount as enshrined in the constitution of the United Nations (UN), which Nigeria is unfortunately, a signatory to. However, a terror state should not be allowed to exist in whatever coloration.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia

For Family Writers Press International

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