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Biafrans Know Their True Leader

 Biafrans Know Their True Leader  Freedom is as old as man. Right from the time of the early man, man has lived every aspect of his life str...

 Biafrans Know Their True Leader 

Freedom is as old as man. Right from the time of the early man, man has lived every aspect of his life struggling to be free, to live a life of freedom. While Europeans and Americans embraced this freedom, they have refused to see Africa as a free nation. Using different African leaders, Africa has remained under slavery even after many years of the abolition of Slave Trade.

Like I said, to be free is inborn in man. There has been a move to gain freedom even among Africans. In 1967, Biafrans were subjected to a genocidal war for declaring the Republic of Biafra. This is a move to end the killings of Biafrans going on across Nigeria. 

This move unfortunately, is against Britain who have seen Nigeria, not as a country, but as a British company. The efforts of the then Ghanaian president to sue for peace was truncated by Britain using BBC to spread propaganda and incite hatred against Biafrans.

As Yakubu Gowon and Odumegwu Ojukwu agreed to form a confederacy in Nigeria, BBC was busy broadcasting that Gowon has bowed to Ojukwu. Invariably, they are saying that Nigeria has finally bowed to Biafra. Something that infuriated Nigerians. It isn't then a surprise that Gowon denied the Aburi resolution and went forward to create states out of the Biafra territory.

Britain needed that war. The war that took the lives of more than 2 million Biafra children alone. There is every need to cripple the East and enthrone the Fulani as the new masters in what is to become a new Nigeria. The war came, Britain sided with Nigeria and supplied them with enough ammunition to subdue and exterminate Biafra. It is pertinent to note that without the strength and ingenuity of the Biafra people in 1967-70, there wouldn't have been anything like Biafra people today.

Sadly, Biafrans were defeated but not destroyed. They were forcefully returned to Nigeria, but not without marginalisation of the Biafrans, even to their sons that never saw Biafra war. Nigeria believed that with The advice of Gen Phillip Effiong which says, "Treat the surrendering Biafrans well or risk their children rising" has been totally relegated by Nigeria Government. 50 years after, Biafrans have risen up once again. Seeking for the restoration of the Republic of Biafra.

The road to freedom for Biafra has been a turbulent one. Persons and groups of persons has made claims of leadership for Biafrans. The new era of the struggle started with Raph Uwazurike. The movement for the Actualization Of The Sovereign State Of Biafra (MASSOB) he called it. MASSOB got the followership it deserved. 

The battered children of Biafra wanted freedom, but there was no leadership figure. The political leaders of the East are all slaves to the Fulani. Competing among themselves who will serve the Fulani most and betray their own people more. So Uwazurike fits into the craving of the 'We the People'.

Raph Uwazurike didn't last long. He was bought by the oppressors of his own people and he started dancing their own music. But the people are not fooled. God has raised another leader in the person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the people followed.

IPOB became the group the Federal government can't penetrate. A lot of things have been perfected by the enemies of freedom to kill the Biafra struggle, but IPOB remained stronger. They have used some elements claiming to be fighting for Biafra to destroy the group. They proposed a fake unity, whose aim is targeted towards dethroning Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but failed. You can't force yourself on people, it is rather the people that says who is their leader.

The people have seen the dedication and sincerity in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They have seen his sacrifice for the struggle and the people have followed him till this day. All the mischievous elements claiming leadership and forcing themselves on people should understand that it is the people that says who will be their leader.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu without monetary inducement raised hundreds of thousands of media warriors that can write and defend the struggle against the sponsored elements by Nigeria Government. Today again, God has raised men to stand under his command, to protect his people against the invasion of Fulani herdsmen terrorists, who wipe villages and rape women.

The people of Biafra stand with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as the only true leader of our people, and no other.

Written By Elochukwu Ohagi

(a Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Ihe Biafra Ugogbuzuo

For Family Writers Press International.

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