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IPOB: Like The Israelites, We Must Remain Paramountly Adherent To The Admonitions Of Our leader

IPOB: Like The Israelites, We Must Remain Paramountly  Adherent To The Admonitions Of Our leader As a people with untainted Judeo-Christian ...

IPOB: Like The Israelites, We Must Remain Paramountly  Adherent To The Admonitions Of Our leader

As a people with untainted Judeo-Christian background, it is essentially imperative at the moment that certain lessons be learnt and succor taken from the biblical accounts of the ancient Israelites on their march to reality. This is because the foundation of our endeavors as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), stand laid on absolute dependability on the capability of God Almighty. He stated that He will be with us through the struggle for the restoration of the nation of Biafra.

Our enemies have equally sworn to ensure that they bring us down at all cost which though, is not unexpected. It is exactly the same oath the Pharaoh of the ancient Egyptian kingdom swore to, in his mad drive to have God's covenant children (Israelites), exterminated, that has come to play out with some people against us in the present dispensation. Little did he (Pharaoh) know however, that such a venture would spell doom for him and his army. History most definitely, cannot lose it's effect.

The mandate upon Moses to lead an exodus was remarkably unique and that is by the mighty hands of the Creator of the entire universe. However, the egocentric nature of certain individuals made it somewhat difficult for majority to really comprehend and accept it's factuality. They preferred wasting their efforts and time in attempting to truncate the mandate vested on the chosen amongst them and his mission, with which by extension, Pharaoh and his army very unfortunately got drowned in the process.

Honestly, all IPOB family members and of course Biafrans need to unreservedly appreciate the caliber and tenacity of a leader in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that we are gifted with. Though he is man in flesh and blood, his uniqueness is distinctively proven, such that nothing yet can sway us into questioning the authenticity of his purpose. He is a man of his words which have been tested over the years. None of such words as voiced out, has been found unfulfilled. Before our very eyes, we have seen those he blessed got correspondingly blessed and those he cursed got messed up immediately afterwards, such pronouncements were made. We have equally seen the enemies got double of their evil orchestrations against us. All these summed up, confirm the fact that we are rightly in safe hands. We therefore must reciprocate by remaining loyal to his leadership irrespective of the turbulences that show up on our way to freedom. 

We cannot feign ignorance of the might of the enemies but we do well know the one who has brought us the message of deliverance and hope and HIM that also sent him. His present warning to us is that we should "Stand strong and see the salvation of the LORD". This is clearly understood without any iota of ambiguity. Oh yes!


Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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