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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: A Leader Par Excellence

 Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: A Leader Par Excellence Discourse regarding the apparent non-existence of effective, efficient and resourceful leadership...

 Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: A Leader Par Excellence

Discourse regarding the apparent non-existence of effective, efficient and resourceful leadership in Nigeria, has really been greeted with endlessness. And the litany will persist until the so-called country is completely ripped off from global map/history. The problem with Nigerian leaders and definitely the entire Nigerian political class as well described by late Professor Chinua Achebe, continues to angrily spur this crop of leaders up to their avowed responsibilities. 

They must as required, pull the country out of the dungeon of retrogression and uncertainty in all fronts. Chinua Achebe had stated that: "The lack of political will and leadership has been a major challenge to the Nigerian project".

Some individuals have equally noted that there is completely poor leadership in the country because most of the leaders are deeply mired entitlement-wise in their very actions, beliefs and dispositions. The politics of divisive and ethnics in vogue, has greatly undermined the capacity of Nigerian leaders to the extent that they have become parochially minded and myopic in both their initiatives and undertakings. 

This malady has also in various other ways, grossly affected the political class to the extent that all that consumes their thought only revolves round the benefit of their immediate families and nothing else. It has terribly made some of them to lose their senses to ethnicity at the corridors of power. So many of them too, have become irrational and irrelevant to their people. They do not have anything tangibly presentable to offer to those they claim to be representing by virtue of their elections. 

Sometimes, it does appear as if leadership failure is more pronounced in the old Eastern region (South-East and South-South States), known as Biafraland. It does appear as if the Biafran people have virtually nobody to talk for them particularly, in times of serious people-related concerns in Nigeria. It does appear too as if Biafrans have the worst kind of politicians who by their inklings, care less about their own people that voted them into political offices. 

These form part of the glaring differences between Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Nigerian leaders. He stoutly stands with and for his people. He vigorously put up defence for them, commanding overwhelming interest for their well-being and as well, sacrifices his joy and comfort for them. He offers them hope and unwavering faith. He prefers being castigated and vilified for standing behind his people, refusing to bow to whatever pressure but keeping jealously, his promises.

With the establishment and launching of Eastern Security Network (ESN), as a potent security outfit saddled with the responsibility of guarding and protecting the entire old Eastern region, many people have undoubtedly, seen the overwhelming joy and appreciation registered across board by the people.

 This singular feat has really evoked more confidence, love and trust in their untainted celebration for relief from grueling wave of insecurity in the land. This immeasurably, far out-weighs the suffocating shenanigan intrigues of the self-inflicting politicians that collude with their Northern slave masters and Islamic terrorists to kill, maim and rape our men and women.

The birthing of Eastern Security Network (ESN), has singled out Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as the people's leader, with an unmatchable clout. It has showcased how uncompromisingly devoted he really is, in protecting the lives of his own people from the clutching trap of death orchestrated by the marauding Fulani Islamic terror groups. 

News abound daily on how the blood-sucking Fulani terrorists especially the killer herdsmen, traverse communities and villages across the old Eastern States, perpetrating atrocities against our people while the State Governors remain docile, frightened, cowed, dumb and helpless, in countering the invasions even with the machineries at their disposals. They rather pleasure in paying ransom to the Fulani killer herdsmen for killing and raping their own people.

 It is the glaring consequences of these failures in our society that have very negatively impacted on both the citizenry and the political system of the country. The nation's economic, social, educational and political resources are ineffectively and inefficiently administered. The people have totally lost hope in these evil individuals that pride themselves as political leaders hence the advent of the subsisting political tension, insecurity, social instability and ethno-religious bigotry/crisis across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Definitely, it is one thing to lead the people and yet another ball game, for the people to love and cherish your efforts. And the biggest thing that has today, affected the society is that the politicians have completely lost control of the people whom they assume to be leading.

Evidences abound everywhere and if the so-called politicians are in doubt, then let them exit their cocoons and try to give commands like Nnamdi Kanu. The resultant responses will be most pathetic to their shame. Wise people queue behind men who have given them love, respect and hope while it is only the foolish lot that can follow men of deceit and self-love.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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