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Nigeria And the Inevitable River that will flow: A Need For Amendment

 Nigeria And the Inevitable River that will flow: A Need For Amendment  It's amazing how human beings ever enjoy the designs of the almi...

 Nigeria And the Inevitable River that will flow: A Need For Amendment 

It's amazing how human beings ever enjoy the designs of the almighty Creator without really doing so in recognition to some patterns and principles that the almighty has layed.

Human enjoy living on the plain ground for instance, but never takes thought on preserving the mountains, never thought in their widest imaginations that the rivers that surround them are curbed by some spiritual forces from overflowing into the plain levels where humans inhabit.

What if we break the laws that position these spiritual forces, and thereby stay them away from their continuous curb to the rivers? What if the rivers overflow to the covering of all plain lands, leaving only the mountains as a save-haven?

In bringing home the message of this article; it will be specifically directed to the political and religious leaders of Nigeria, most especially in Biafra land.

An ancient Igbo adage says "if the dead body of another man's son is on the head, it appears to the roadside beholder like a logg of wood". Some will be urged to say things like these, "Thank God I am not the one affected" and by saying that, loose feelings of pity to the deceased. It will not cease to be your turn tomorrow.

So, the Nigerian leaders of the above mentioned class are purely in the error of misinterpreting their present State of comfort as immunity to harvock. The worst hit are the politicians. And amongst these, the south east politicians are the worst. This is very obvious, unlike other leaders of other regions who have mastered the courage to boldly mount up security measures to protect their region. The South East leaders have seen no reason to speak up for their people in any way.  They see no value in the life of their fellow citizens anymore.

It is obvious because they have developed a mind that is void of feelings for their fellow humans.They have done all in their power to bury every truth that could challenge their stand, but will they bury it forever? Of course No! They are forgetting that one day will come when the river will overflow.

They have forgotten that their fulani masters never loved them for whom they are. They are just tools in their hands which will only be valued for as long as it is useful. In the ignorance of this, the politicians have on the directives of their slave masters, set fire in the dwellings of their kinsmen.

On the side of the religion, the church leaders are the worst, control majority  in the society,  interested only in the offerings and tithes. They don't believe to have any reason to boldly stand and make use of their influential to help the contributors, (Church Members) . The church leaders, hypocritically convince them to be weak life, and hope for heaven they might not go if did not really fight in defense of themselves.

One thing is certain,  the situation of the people in this expired Nigeria is now disturbing and will one day entertain the wicked guest of terror that others have been witnessing at the hands of these Fulani government. The leaders will not be an exception. They have not cared to quench the fire which they set.

When the river will overflow, "Had I know" will be there wish. Put off the fire on the mountain now before the sunset.

Written by Ogah C  S Maduabuchi

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International


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