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Nigeria Government In Desperate Move To Establish RUGA In Imo State

 Alert! Alert!! Alert!!!: Nigeria Government In Desperate Move To  Establish RUGA In Imo State A large portion of uninhabited ancestral land...

 Alert! Alert!! Alert!!!: Nigeria Government In Desperate Move To  Establish RUGA In Imo State

A large portion of uninhabited ancestral land known as "Ikpa Abba", will on Monday 7th December 2020, according to plan, be cleared by the federal government of Nigeria for a deceitful "Palm Tree Agricultural Project". Investigation carried out revealed that the planned agricultural project is a Ruga Settlement in the real sense of it. 

It is clearly understood that the targeted land will be cleared and securely fenced to accommodate about one thousand (1,000) houses which would be built for the resettlement of Fulani killer herdsmen. According to their plot, a military unit will equally be constructed therein to give security protection to the Fulani settlers.

Abba is located in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo state. It consists of about four different autonomous communities. However, the chairman of Abba Autonomous Communities Association, Chief Paul Ozigbu it was learnt, had earlier been approached by Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, on the basis of getting the large expanse of land called "Ikpa Abba" for the deceptive project.

Chief Ozigbu honestly acting on the earlier information received about the "agricultural project", gave his subjects (people) the impression that the land would be utilized for the planting of palm trees. This whole thing eventually turned out to be a hoax hence the need to fully blow up the real intent (hidden agenda) of Governor Hope Uzodimma and his agents.

The leadership under #Eze N. Maduabuchukwu, Abba Autonomous Community contact is 08033131190 while that of #Eze Ononenyi Uzoma of Etitiafor Abba Autonomous Community is 07088980376. These Ezes mentioned here with their President-Generals and with the exception of #Dr. Frank Ojiako, are both totally compromised and culpable in this travesty. 

Further investigations carried out revealed that they had earlier rejected the said project in Abba but with persuasive monetary inducements, they caved in. Other accomplices fingered in this evil plot are the Chairman of Nwangele Local Government Area and China Iwuanyawu, member, Imo State House of Assembly.

This planned project must be totally resisted across. It is not needed under whatever shade.

Family Writers Press International

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