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#Obigbo: Clampdown Continues As Soldiers Arrest HRM Eze Nwaji of Obigbo kingdom

 #Obigbo: Clampdown Continues As Soldiers Arrest HRM Eze Nwaji of Obigbo kingdom The traditional ruler of Obigbo kingdom, His Royal Majesty,...

 #Obigbo: Clampdown Continues As Soldiers Arrest HRM Eze Nwaji of Obigbo kingdom

The traditional ruler of Obigbo kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Eze Nwaji has been picked from his palace in the early hours of Thursday 3rd December 2020. This happened at about 12:30am as officers of the Nigerian army visited, on the frivolous  accusation that the king is one of the sponsors of activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Obigbo, Rivers State.

It is ridiculously disturbing that the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike in collaboration with the Nigerian army, are relentlessly ruthless in their agenda to clinically destroy the Igbo community in Obigbo. Most annoying of all the intrigues is that the governor's target of IPOB as his principal enemy that orchestrated his baseless, despotic and arrogant reinforcement of the so-called proscription of the organization in the month of October 2020, created the much sought avenue needed to carry out the agenda of his Northern Fulani masters against the Igbo race. What is being presently done by Wike's government and their Fulani murderous colleagues, is to maintain a consistent tracking down of anyone fingered as standing opposed to their wicked activities. Such individuals are termed IPOB members, supporters or sponsors.

On Sunday 29th November 2020, an explosion reportedly rocked the Church  of Governor Wike's father, causing some structural damages with no death. Governor Wike's government is being suspected for having directly or indirectly plotted  it as a further means of giving a dog a bad name in other to hang it. On the following day being Monday 30th November 2020, government-sponsored announcement claimed that the perpetrators of the crime, have been apprehended. They did not hesitate to link the explosion to IPOB which was immediately rebuffed.

This is the same fate being suffered by the Obigbo traditional ruler, Eze Nwaji who is neither an IPOB member nor a sponsor. He is being persecuted simply because he has not bought into the games of the Rivers State Governor. Eze Nwaji has not seen any justification for the gruesome killing, maiming and arrest of large number of the innocent residents in his domain as tyrannically ordered by Nyesom Wike. The traditional ruler totally detests the mayhem visited on his people and has unequivocally called for restraint on the part the  soldiers who have been on rampage, indiscriminately firing gunshots at people and destroying properties. This is the only reason why they connived against him.

Wike's blatant connivance with the Nigerian army to escalate the clampdown on innocent civilian populace in Obigbo has been consistently on, since the month of October 2020. Today, the king of the kingdom is being subjected to hallowing degrees of humiliation for no just cause. This his arrest has very vividly confirmed that the gradual taking over of Biafraland has remained the driving force of the Fulanis through the instrumentality of their slave governors in our land. This however, must be voraciously resisted even at the cost of our blood.

We therefore use this medium to pointedly notify the general public that the traditional ruler of Obigbo kingdom, Eze Nwaji, is currently in the custody of the Nigerian army and governor Nyesom Wike. Let nothing untoward happen to our king to avert unprecedented mayhem. Let all persons of good conscience and lovers of human rights, prevail on the authorities concerned, to immediately release Eze Nwaji before it becomes belated.





Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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