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America Without Trump: Can Biden Make America Great Again?

 America Without Trump: Can Biden Make America Great Again? By Michael King The president of the United States Donald John Trump gave a vale...

 America Without Trump: Can Biden Make America Great Again?

By Michael King

The president of the United States Donald John Trump gave a valedictory farewell speech not quite long. It was an emotional moment as the man who held the saddle and steered the ship of state stood before the nation and gave account of his stewardship for the last time as it stands now.  One thing stood out for me in that speech and that is the unyielding and the unbowed spirit of Donald J Trump. The sheer boldness in standing on that podium to repudiate the corrupt system he had fought for 4years was invigorating and exhilarating. 

He spoke unequivocally that he was the first non establishment person to ever walk through the corridors of power and yet fulfilled all his campaign promises.

He gave America the greatest economy in it's history,

 Made America the number one oil producer in the world,

Brought America's unemployment rate to the lowest in over 70 years. 

Gave the country historic tax cuts, removed regulations that killed businesses, grew small businesses, fortified the states military to the most powerful status ever in history with an annual budget of over 2 trillion dollars Bigger than the whole of Africa's yearly budget.  He pulled America out of useless Pacific organizations such as the Paris Accord and compelled NATO countries to pay the fair share of their contributions. Made Germany, South Korea and Japan to pay for the US troops stationed in their countries.

He recognized the Isreali sovereignty over the Golan heights and recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Isreal. Under his watch Isreal signed peace accords with about seven nations and opened diplomatic ties with those nations. The Abraham Accord, he signed executive orders recognizing religious freedom in America.

He dropped the big bombshell; he is the first president in decades that never started a new war rather he pulled back American troops out of Afghanistan and Syria. He dared the military industrial complex.  He single handedly ended the menace of ISIS and killed Albagdadi like a dog. He snuffed out the life out of the terrorist of the Iranian state Soleimani Khameni with great aerial precision. 

He kept the American borders safe and built the damn wall. Every terrorist dog was put on a leash because they knew he was in charge. He hit China so well till China signed a trade deal with America but rarely did the ink dry up than Covid-19 struck. He came short of saying the open secrete, it was an economic psychological and biological warfare. Sadly, America under Donald lost this war. 

In the midst of a ravaging pandemic that shut the world's greatest economy and others down without notice China's economy rebounced from the pre -- pandemic economic losses for the first time in 30 years to a 6 percent economic growth in the midst of the pandemic. Historical miracle but we all know the story. 

At his last moments, he still exudes grace and candour. He still wears that robe of royalty and forever adorned coat of power and wields the insignia of authority. 

He refused to legitimize his successor. Not one mention of his name. He meant every word he had ever said. He concedes nothing. 

Seemingly, defeated and run out of power by the deep hegemony of the dark alleys, he stood one last time to give them the middle finger, he was never going to walk away sullen, broken and shoulders sagged.

In the end he told them that this isn't the end but the beginning of an incredible journey. " Our movement has just begun", he said.

He knows the torrents of attack coming in the days ahead. The persecution and the intimidation of his supporters but in his final act he showed his unflinching and unwavering supporters how to be the art of the deal. 

To Take the gauntlet, look straight at the barrel of the gun and cry if I die I die a free man and not with chains of slavery and servitude. The chains they're placing on the people through the mainstream media -- the chain of the mind -- he walked through those steps the commander in chief and he descends those steps still the commander in chief. 

A new dark Dawn is here.

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