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IPOB Afikpo North Family Holds Her First General Meeting For 2021

 IPOB Afikpo North Family Holds Her First General Meeting For 2021 The formidable family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Afikpo N...

 IPOB Afikpo North Family Holds Her First General Meeting For 2021

The formidable family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Afikpo North Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, had her first general meeting for the year on Saturday 16th January 2021. The meeting started at exactly 2:00pm with an opening prayer offered by Mazi Moses O. All participants officially had themselves introduced. The Ebonyi South Senatorial Cooordinator, Reverend Oko Elijah (special guest of honour) and his Executives were warmly welcomed.

Mazi Egwu, the Local Government Coordinator, officially presented the meeting agenda, which majored essentially on his acceptance by the   members of the Local Government Area as the newly appointed Coordinator as well as the way forward for family in the new year amongst others.

While emphasizing on the need to walk in total adherence to IPOB Code of Conduct, the Cooordinator, Mazi Egwu expressed some displeasures with the attitude of some members who have remained insubordinate to his leadership since his assumption of duty. He emphasized that the removal of his predecessor was occasioned by his failure of duly representating this noble family unspotted as expected of an IPOB leader.

Mazi Christopher, a Zonal Coordinator, in his response, frowned at how some individuals are seemingly bent on ensuring that they cause disunity in the family, pleading with all and sundry to come to the very understanding that there is no competition in leadership hence, Mazi Omeriagu Egwu must be fully given the needed support. He stressed that the LGA Coordinator deserves the chance to prove himself worthy of the position appointed into.

Mrs. Eleje showed  discontent with the new leadership for failing to carry out an audit to ensure proper financial documentation since the executive took over from the former. Mazi Okoro (a member) in his reaction, explained that the new Coordinator just assumed office with the conveying of this meeting and so, should be allowed some time to properly settle down before undertaking such an exercise.

However, Mrs Eleje vowed her loyalty to the command and control structure of the IPOB leadership.

The special guest of honour, Reverend Oko, asserted that after listening to all submissions, he remained baffled that some members at this very critical time, were yet to understand that democracy forms no part of the protocols employed in freedom fighting, especially at the leadership level. He stated clearly that every leader in the Biafra struggle should wholly serve with the awareness that he could be replaced at any instance. He cautioned against acts of insubordination and indiscipline.

Rev. Oko further clarified that the appointment of the new Local Government Coordinator was not an imposition as being peddled by some individuals but by his resoluteness and steadfastness. He pointedly stated that should the new coordinator deviate from the good conduct that led to his appointment, he would equally be removed without any delay.

In conclusion, Mazi Egwu thanked everyone for the vote of confidence passed on him. He acknowledged that to whom much is given, much is also expected, promising to be true to his appointment. He went on to pray that Chukwu-Abiama (God-Almighty) continually strengthen all.

The meeting eventually came to a close with a parting prayer said by Mazi Igwe Johnson at 5:00pm.

Christopher Otu Ezeali

Reporting for Family Writers Press International

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