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Nigeria: An Enclave Of Abomination

 Nigeria: An Enclave Of Abomination Biafrans and Oduduwas particularly, have recently been marked by the marauding Fulani terrorists from th...

 Nigeria: An Enclave Of Abomination

Biafrans and Oduduwas particularly, have recently been marked by the marauding Fulani terrorists from the sahel as a people that must be conquered by all means possible, moreover when the Nigerian government appears unshakeable in their covert and bold protection/support to the enemies. They kill at will, pillaging the land as they arrogantly unleash their terror. So many indigenous land owners of Biafra and Oduduwa extractions, before now have unrepentantly never believed in this murderous and cacophonic drive. 

It is an abomination that has eventually visited the land. A development, never seen before or ever imagined and things are successively, falling apart. This evolving development of mayhem and impudence of the reprobates, trigger off the concern whether upright and courageous men and women are yet in the land. Those men and women that could bravely stand out to stoutly challenge this sacrilegious impunity in our land.

A popular adage says: "That an elder cannot be in the house and a goat will be delivering on the leech". This abominable thing cannot be permitted. Where then are our elders when strangers from the sahel rampage our communities, villages and forests, killing our people and destroying our properties at will? It is an unpardonable evil to allow these terrorists to be invading our lands and dispossessing us of our age long inheritances. 

Night has actually taken over the day while kings/traditional rulers and politicians who are obligated to protect and defend the people from harm or hurt, seemingly look the other way. The strangers have been invited into our land to steal, kill and destroy. The dog has disappointingly, eaten the bone that hung on it's neck. Who takes the blame?

In decades of years gone by, custodians of the land scarcely get compromised against their own people as presently being experienced. The ancestral spirits of the land actively and promptly would go into justice action against acts of treachery or compromise. The indigenous land owners could either banish such offenders or the gods of the land take their pounds of flesh. These lines of appeasement, then cleanses the land of abominable consequences for prosperity. 

The advent of Christianity however, completely changed all that thereby making the people complacent in sacrilegious deeds as the Heavenly Father shows mercy. The people took to glamourizing wickedness and instead of contending against tyranny, betrayal and corruption in the land, pitched their tents with pollution thereby activating calamitous visitations upon the people. But the question then remains: "For how long will the blood of our people continue to be spilled even on our land by the marauding Fulani vampires (terrorists)?

These terrorists it must be also noted here enjoy wide range of state-sponsorship and coverage. The Nigerian government ensures that they receive appropriate police and military protection and sometimes, are being kitted on the uniforms of these forces to officially drive home their agenda. This absurdity can no longer be condoned. 

Our loved ones who have steadily been victims can no longer be allowed to be kidnapped, raped, killed and dismembered on our farmlands, forests, bushes, homes and communities by these Fulani killer herdsmen and their accomplices in army and police uniforms. The handwriting is clearly on the wall for every indigenous tribe in Nigeria, to fully understand that things are no longer at ease. 

The Nigerian government must be held accountable for reneging on it's constitutional obligations by criminally aiding and abetting terrorists against the indigenous populace. The Fulanis are on a mission to wipe out our people and take possession of our ancestral lands. The people of Benue, Ebonyi, Oyo, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Ogun, Enugu States, etcetera, should arise and get readily prepared to defend their land and people against these Islamic killers.

The elected representatives at both state and federal levels of government appear helplessly docile and impotent, and cannot proffer the much needed solution. Most of them have sold out the collective interest of their people, thereby paving the way for the strangers from the sahel region of Chad, Niger Republic amongst other African countries, to troop into Nigeria unabatedly, for settlement. Every indigenous person of good conscience, should bravely rise up from across the affected states in Nigeria and put up stoutly, synergized resistant machinery in place, for the safety and security of their people. These Fulanis are on a demonic mission of conquest and must not be given an inch.

Written by Nwaeze Onyekachi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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