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No Mischievous Regional Security Outfit Will Be Allowed In Biafra Land- IPOB Warns South East Governors

 No Mischievous Regional Security Outfit Will Be Allowed In Biafra Land- IPOB Warns South East Governors W e the Indigenous Peoples of Biafr...

 No Mischievous Regional Security Outfit Will Be Allowed In Biafra Land- IPOB Warns South East Governors

We the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to warn South East Governors particularly Gov Dave Umahi to jettison the proposed new  security outfit they intend to launch based on the advice of the Fulani-controlled Federal Government of Nigeria. We know that their intention is to counter  the formidable Eastern Security Network, ESN, protecting and defending Biafrans against terrorists and invaders responsible for the senseless attacks, rapings and wanton killings of our mothers, wives and sisters in our farmlands and forests.

We warn these clueless governors in our region not to heed the mischievous advice and attempt by Miyetti Allah and Sokoto caliphate intended to compromise the security of Biafrans. Any Miyetti Allah vigilantee group under any nomenclature formed by Dave Umahi and his fellow Efulefu governors as well as Ohaneze will be resisted by the people of Old Eastern region.

We, therefore,  advise every Biafran father and mother to caution their children against joining  Umahi's vigilante group as such an outfit is already the enemy of the people. Their agenda is sinister and anti- Biafra.

Remember that the real masterminds of the plot - the Fulani cabal running the failed contraption called Nigeria - having been emboldened by their success in installing one of their stooges as Ohaneze President, are now set  to control Biafraland but ESN and IPOB have remained their only nightmare. 

No wonder Fulani can buy  Efulefu Eastern leaders so cheaply. They know that the likes of Umahi are blinded by inordinate political ambitions. But to their disappointment, our people are now alive to their responsibilities and won't allow Miyetti Allah to control the security architecture of the East as they are now attempting to take over Amotekun in the West. We are happy to aver that the grand conspiracy by our oppressors to take over the South with the help of compromised leaders is dead on arrival!

We declare without equivocation, that any other group parading as South East and South South Security outfit will not be allowed to operate on Biafra soil. Our people have already launched their own defense line - ESN - as our self-acclaimed leaders were nowhere to be found when it counted most. Anyone who enlists in any treacherous security outfit sponsored  by Fulani stooges in our land to desteblize our territory, will regret such a decision.

IPOB sounded the warning long ago that Miyetti Allah was going to foist George Obizor as President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo but many didn't believe us. Today has that not happened? Now they have  moved to form security outfit for us because our governors and political leaders are blinded by their greed and selfish political ambitions but the move is dead on arrival!

Remember that the same Miyetti Allah demanded to join Amotekun vigilantee but Yoruba people, aware of their evil motive, bluntly turned down their request. It's very shameful that instead of supporting the people to strengthen ESN, South East Governors led by governor Dave Umahi are hobnobbing with Miyetti Allah to compromise the security of the East. It's only a fool that will hire his enemy to midwife the birth of his only son.

Our message is simply this: IPOB will not allow terrorists any breeding ground on Biafra forests and farmlands. The rapings, killings and  unprovoked attacks by these vampires must stop through out Biafra territory. Anyone against this irreversible resolve of the people to defend themselves against foreign occupation will be crushed! ESN has been launched with the mandate of securing BIAFRA land, and no force can disband this great movement until it's done with its mandate!



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