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Conspiracy Against Eastern Security Network In Biafraland Must Be Resisted

 Conspiracy Against Eastern Security Network In Biafraland Must Be Resisted Political office holders in Biafraland particularly within the S...

 Conspiracy Against Eastern Security Network In Biafraland Must Be Resisted

Political office holders in Biafraland particularly within the South-East region, has governors that have actually assumed the position of the enemies against their own people. This stems from from their respective conspiratorial anttecedents lined up against the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Their collective conspiracy directed against the operatives of this security outfit, aimed at cushioning the interest of their Aso Rock slavemasters, amounts to a total declaration of war against the people of Biafra. 

This however, must be vehemently resisted by every inch of description. It is unfortunate that at such a time like this when Northern governors are shamelessly stage-managing the kidnap of school children with the intention of attracting jumbo ransom from the Nigerian government so as to adequately equip the Fulani Islamic bandits, the South-East politicians in the mold of the Supreme Court imposed governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, are yet to learn anything. Rather, they are talking tough and threatening annihilation of the personnel of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) stationed to protect farmlands, forests and bushes in Biafraland. What a shame!

It is important for the people that are close to governor Hope Uzodimma, to let him understand that the personnel of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) have not in anyway attacked, molested, abducted, raped or killed anyone in the land or elsewhere, including the Fulani herdsmen that are being sent packing from the bushes, forests and farmlands due to their criminality. If the Eastern Security Network (ESN) as the present gallant security outfit all over Biafraland, has indulged in any form of crime, it will not be concealed because criminal news rapidly circulates. Instead, both state-sponsored crimes such as military and police   mounted extortions checkpoints amongst other violent acts of criminality, have clearly disappeared from Biafraland since 12th December 2020, when this potent security outfit was unveiled. Biafrans then wonder why the South-East governors strongly insisted that Eastern Security Network (ESN), must have to be crushed at all cost. 

It is surprising why the governors will complicitly invite heavily armed military men to invade the land with the intent of crushing ESN when virtually none of them is prepared to listen to the cries of the people whose farmlands, bushes and forests are blatantly being ravaged by the Fulani killer herdsmen. They never invited the Nigerian soldiers to come down to crush the Fulani Islamic terrorists. It is noteworthy to state here that the Northern governors have never been reported to have ever invited the military or the police, to get into their region with the intention of crushing the notorious bandits that are unabatedly killing people and wantonly destroying properties in Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto and Kaduna States. The governors have not also in anyway, said anything public against the criminal activities of these Fulani vampires rampaging every part of Nigeria. But rather, they have cleverly been defending them regardless of their heinous crimes being perpetrated against humanity in Nigeria.

The time has come to make the political office holders that are representing Biafraland, to understand that the lives and properties, farmlands and streams of the Biafran people are far more important than their esteemed political offices. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), whose sole responsibility is to safeguard the forests, bushes and farmlands of the people, must not be silenced in order to pave way for the Fulani criminals to take over the land. Therefore, any conspiracy plotted against the operatives of the Eastern Security outfit, is clearly a direct affront on the sensibility of the Biafran people. The youths of different communities have unequivocally stated that the battle line has been drawn by these politicians concerning the ESN. Political office holders must clearly distant themselves from ESN matters or otherwise, get readily prepared to taste the venom of the people.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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